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As part of Jill’s birthday (our housemate), we bought a ticket at Lucky Plaza for Adventure Cove for only SGD26 per person.  When you are going to buy the ticket inside the park, it will costs you SGD29 per person.  You cannot bring food inside as per in the condition but some people were able to bring foods.  And some didn’t able to make it because there’s a guard before you will go in who will check your bag.  We didn’t take the risk so we went there without food.  The good thing is that, there’s a restaurant and the price is not that bad.

There are some area where camera’s are not allowed.  Though there are areas where camera is allowed but you don’t want to hold your camera when you are wet.

What me and Jill love most is the Spiral slide.  We went twice and we still want more but then give other people a chance, hahaha.

Below are the pictures I have taken during the adventure:

The entrance.

Storage ring open to the public.  Don’t worry, they have locker inside and you just pay SGD10.

The only guy in the world.

We cannot get to this slide because of the long que.  We have to wait at least an hour so we do the U-turn and find another slides.

Wondering where she is going.

The Bay Restaurant.  You can buy food here for a reasonable price.

The man-made almost looks like a seashore facing the big aquarium where you can snorkel.

Giant aquarium where you can snorkel.  You can see two ladies snorkelling inside.

The wave-pool.  Before it will do the wave, you can hear a signal that in a few minutes the wave will start. Super fun!

The Adventure Cove models.

Spiral slide

Go there and enjoy the rides and be young again!

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