Chuseok Day, Bringing Families Together

Notes by yeyette on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 under Seoul
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We woke up early on the Chuseok Day to cook for the holiday. Mostly, they cook everything fried and prepared some fruits and beers.

Fried mushroom with egg.

Sesame leaves with minced pork inside and dip in egg.

Beer time!

This Max Beer is creamy!

Max beer

Prayer table.

Park my car please!

After the ceremony, we went to Insa-Dong again to buy some presents and try some street foods.

You can have a drink on the road anyday, anytime!

Wood products.

We went to Ssamzigil, South Korea’s famous market but unfortunately, it was closed due to the holiday.

Minnie with the lovely Koreans.

Kids with their afternoon workshop.

These vases cost for a minimum of USD200 each. It’s ceramic, clay, and handmade.

Nope, it doesn’t looked good on me, but the headband does!

A special hanbok for wedding.

wedding hanbok

The handmade details on the waist.

K-cinderella 🙂

Choose your bell.

I’m interested of their “Couple Zone”.

Sweet little thing.

Visit at least a bookstore when you travel. You will find some interesting things to see like the above display.

The city and the mountain.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. But I did not intentionally took a photo of this woman. I was interested with the soap holder.

After our afternoon shopping, we went back to Lucia’s place. Her parents brought us to a restaurant where they served Korean style sushi and it was amazing! Oh, I love sushi!

Korean sushi

Korean style sushi is different from Japanese. Koreans mixed the vegetables and then top it up with the sushi. Yum!

Enjoying the last night together.

The next morning, we head down to the airport to go back to Singapore. That’s the worst thing that I feel when I travel. Going back to work.

Sunrise at the airport.

The sky blanket.

Inside the airport.

There is no hassle in claiming the tax refund in South Korea.

Peeking outside the airport.


I seldom take photos of clouds but this time was exceptional. I love how the sky looks in its regal blue and the different formation of clouds.

Sea of clouds.

I don’t know where is this island or is it still part of South Korea.

The ray of light.

Morning bless.

I’ll see you to the other country, sun.

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