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I woke up at 7AM and walked to the beach. You have to walk around 5-7 minutes from the hotel. I was disappointed with what I saw. The beach was not good due to typhoon. Nobody swim. It was windy and cloudy. The waves are not that big but the water was in constant movement. One guy approached me if I would like to do island hopping. I asked him if it is possible to do it with this kind of weather. He said yes since they haven’t received a warning from the coastguard that it’s not safe to go. I asked him the price and if I go alone, I have to pay Php1,500 (USD34.00) and if I will join other tourists, it will be Php500 (USD11.50). The trip includes dolphin watching at Balicasag and visiting virgin island. The trip is actually from 6AM to 12noon, depending on the tourists. I booked the Php500 and make a downpayment of Php100 (USD2.50) for Sunday morning activity. I already have had experienced with the big waves from Cebu to Bohol so time to stop those crazy feelings.

The road going to the beach.

The beach side during typhoon. You wouldn’t want to take a risk for island hopping on this kind of weather. Do not wait for the coastguard to send a signal warning not to operate the boat. Stay safe.

Panglao Beach

Around the beach:

After I paid him, which he gave me his contact number and name (his name is Ruben, you contact him at +639355797568), he seems a good guy anyway. I headed back to the hotel and decided to see the tarsier (world’s smallest primate).

I asked the receptionist where can I see a tarsier near Panglao. The nearest is in Loboc. She told me to take a jeepney from here to Tagbilaran. I waited for 30 minutes before a van stops. There was no jeepney. The fare was the same at Php25 (USD0.60). Vans are available if there are no jeepneys. It was already 11AM and I was hungry. The van stops at the mall in the terminal. I headed inside and saw Jollibee and eat my lunch before going to the tarsier area.  There were jeepneys going to Loboc outside the mall. You can ask the security guard which jeepneys will go to Loboc.

When the jeepney started to move, I asked the lady beside me where to stop to see the tarsier in Loboc. She told me that I should go to Sevilla or Carmen where there are lots of tarsier and where I can even touch. You are not allowed to touch the tarsiers in Loboc and is very few to see. I told her it’s okay because Carmen is very far. She then told me to stop at Loboc center and take a bus or motorcycle (again) going up to Loboc Conservation Center. Before she went down, she told the conductor to drop me to the place going to see the tarsier. The fare of the jeepney was Php26 (USD0.60).

The driver dropped me at Loboc center. I walked for a while and saw the devastating effect of the earthquake. This is where you go to Loboc floating restaurant.

Loboc area:

Loboc Tourism Complex


Loboc Floating Restaurant

The ruins of Loboc Church after the earthquake. The church is classified as a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. It was considered for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Philippines as a member of two categories, the Baroque Churches of the Philippines (Extension) and the Jesuit Churches of the Philippines. (Excerpt: Wikipedia)

I waited the bus for an excruciating 30 minutes under the heat of the sun. One motorcycle driver approached me and told me that I can pay for only Php80 (USD1.80) just to go up to see the tarsier. I told him that it’s okay, that I will just take a bus going up. After 30 minutes, the bus arrives. I told the conductor to stop at the place where I can see the tarsier. I only paid Php10 (USD0.25). What a savings!

The entrance of Loboc Tarsier Conservation is Php60 (USD1.35). You are not allowed to use camera flash as well as touching the tarsier. It will stresses them and some will eventually die. I asked how they die if they are going to get stressed, the staff told me that they are suicidal.

The tarsier in Loboc is surrounded by fence. You cannot go inside the fence.


The Philippine tarsier

I only stayed for a few minutes and I bought peanut kisses for Php140 (USD3.20) for 10 packs. I took a bus directly to Tagbilaran and the fare was Php30 (USD0.70).

When we arrived at Tagbilaran, I felt hungry and I saw Jojie’s Painitang Bol-anon. They have the best “sikwate” (hot chocolate made of pure cacao) I’ve ever tasted. You can buy the “tablea” (cacao) for only Php76 (USD1.75). I bought all the different native foods and I paid only Php200 (USD4.50). Yes, I love native foods!

From Tagbilaran to Tawala, you can take a jeepney near in the museum. You can ask around how to go the museum. You can walk it at around 5 minutes only. Some of the conductor will walk around and ask passengers where they will go and they will guide you to the correct jeepney. Travel time is around an hour because it will go inside the village before you can reach to Panglao and the fare was Php25 (USD0.60). They will drop you outside your hotel, just be vigilant with the place or always remind the conductor where to drop you.

It was already 5PM and I was thinking to see the sunset but there was no sun at all, only dark clouds. I saw Ruben and he reminded me for tomorrow’s island hopping at 6AM. I asked one canvasser if there’s a boat that went to the island this morning and he told me that at 10AM, the coastguard informed them not to go.

I walked around and a masseuse approached me. Massage will range from Php300 to 350 (USD6.75 to 7.85) for an hour. You have choices. Either they will massage you near the beach or inside your hotel. Note that if you want to have a massage inside your room, the hotel will charge you Php100 (USD2.25) or they won’t allow you at all. This is because hotels have their own masseuse (higher price of course, ranges from Php500 to Php750 (USD11.20 to 16.85). I’m lucky that in the hotel, their masseuse are fully booked so they allowed my masseuse with a charge of Php100. Since the masseuse was already off from her work, I was able to negotiate beforehand to lower down the price to Php300 and I paid the Php100 charge of course.

Before noon, I received an offline message from my mom that my wallet which contains ATM card and work permit card was left in our home, in Cagayan de Oro City. I’m in Bohol and my flight back to Singapore is on the next day. There will be a problem if I don’t have a card. Either I cannot go out the Philippines or I cannot go inside Singapore. I was worried. I didn’t think of an option other than going back home to re-book my ticket. I called a friend in Cebu and told him the situation. It happened to him before, he left his OEC at home and his sister send it to him thru a cargo from the pier.

I called my younger brother to bring my wallet to the pier and send it thru cargo. He called the companies first before going there. They all said that the wallet will arrive in Cebu on the next day at 5PM only. My flight back to Singapore is at 7PM. Thinking of another option. Then they called my younger sister who is working at one of the biggest pastry shop in the Philippines and she said they always send an urgent order in any part of the Philippines thru Cebu Pacific cargo. They will send today, you will receive on the same day, the first flight that arrive in a certain airport. My brother went to the airport at around 1PM. After settling for the payment, he told me that I can collect my wallet at Cebu Pacific Cargo in Cebu at 5PM on the same day. Efficient, isn’t it? He paid Php280 (USD6.30). I can only collect it on the next day, 12noon, after my trip in Bohol. Nothing to worry about 🙂




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