Day 1 – Kulai, Johor Bahru (February 24, 2012)

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I left Singapore at around 2PM heading to Kulai, Johor Bahru. I alighted at Kranji MRT in Singapore and when I tapped out my card, I saw an old man struggling to go inside the MRT. He didn’t know where to tap, he just tapped anywhere and people did not care helping him. I stopped and tapped his back and pointed out where to tap. He was so thankful that even when I walked around, he still shouted thank you. Well, the point is, be alert and observe your surroundings and the people around you. If somebody badly needs your help along the way, help, kindness pays anyway.

When you are going to JB by train, alight at Kranji and take bus no. 170 or Causeway link (yellow bus) that takes you to Woodlands immigration. Hop off and don’t forget to tap your card, go up to the immigration and after that, go back down again and take the same bus number which brings you to Malaysia immigration. Remember, you have to tap in and tap out your card and if you paid by cash, you must show your ticket to the driver.

Okay, back to my travel, the traffic was smooth so we arrived in the immigration for just a few minutes. I only have SGD150 (USD188) to change to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) for a 4D3N vacation. The exchange rate inside JB (Johor Bahru) Sentral is 2.362 but in Kranji station was 2.39. I wasn’t able to change in Kranji because I was thinking it would be higher in Malaysia. Obviously, not a good decision. I also did not change inside the mall. I went out and change to a money changer next to Point Store, just outside JB Sentral. They have the same rate posted outside but when I changed my money, they gave me a rate of 2.38. Well, my soul is happy because I’m on a budget travel.

I don’t know where to take a bus to Kulai for the hotel so I asked the officer I saw in the street and he gladly pointed out to me. When you ask, ask a police officer or those who work in the mall because it is safe asking them. When I reached to the station, the driver told me that I needed to pay MYR4 (USD2.09). I did not believe what I heard this time so I asked thrice and he answered the same answer. I was thinking, hmmmm.. so cheap, well, maybe anyway it’s just a few minutes ride. Taxi will cost you MYR40 (USD20.89) going to your destination. An expectation of few minutes was underestimating. It was an hour ride. I told the driver to drop me at the Shell station that is after the bus terminal of Kulai which the hotel emailed me the direction. But he dropped me at the bus terminal which takes twenty minutes walk to the hotel. I told him to go further and drop me at the Shell station but he said, “This is the bus terminal, you told me to drop you at the bus terminal.” I just said to myself, “Okay, fine since the email from the hotel that it’s only a minute further from the bus terminal, (I didn’t know if one minute walk or one minute ride).

So I kept walking and three minutes had passed with no sign of shell station yet. Suddenly, I saw two young schoolboys looking up the clouds and curious, I looked up too, and this is what we saw:



I was not sure if it was an unformed rainbow above the clouds or what. After taking a few pictures, I continued walking to find the hotel. I walked for around 30 minutes (including my cloud picture-taking) before I arrived at the hotel.

The hotel was pretty small but clean. When I arrived, the receptionist said, “Are you Eacel Janubas?” I smiled and said yes. Well, she knew that I would arrive late because I emailed earlier that I will check-in late. She gave the key of my room and she told me that she upgraded the room for me. I was so excited and hurried up to see it. It was a bit small but pretty clean.

The bed:

Toilet and bathroom inside the room:

Mirror and small table:

I stayed at City Star Hotel in Kulai, approximately 30 minutes from Senai International Airport. The hotel had a free wi-fi but the signal was a bit slow. They also have free-serve-yourself-drinking-water. You have to go down the lobby to get it. There were restaurants around if you get hungry. I went out and bought fried rice and pepsi and it cost me MYR7.00 (USD2.33).

City Star Hotel

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