Day 1: Travel Time!

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Yes, I was excited seeing a new environment far from Asia, new faces, new culture, and new weather!

I was waiting for the sun to set and got this picture.

We arrived at Perth Airport at exactly 9:15PM.  They have a lot of immigration officer and the service was so fast.  If the flight steward will give you an arrival card in the plane, fill it up so that when you arrive in the airport, everything is ready and you don’t have to go around looking for a pen or a place  to write down.  The line was so fast and there were few travellers.  Jill was asked by one of the officer if where are her things because she only carried a small luggage.  She tell the officer that it’s with me.  We carry a one big luggage and all our things are there.  The officer told us to go to one of the office and let our luggage scanned.  Everything went smoothly though.

I was wearing pants, a shirt, and a scarf.  When we got out at the immigration, it was damn cold.  The temperature was 16C.

We went to the taxi station and took a cab to the hotel.  We are not sure how much is the flag-down in Australia but then we did not ask.  We only ask how many minutes is the travel time from the airport to our hotel and the Indian driver (based on his appearance, diction and language when he talked over the phone), said that it’s a 20 minute ride without the traffic.  The hotel’s description was around 30 to 40 minutes, so I was thinking maybe its including the traffic or the driver will drive so fast its only 20 minutes.

We didn’t check the meter until after 10 minutes, Jill asked me in our language if he is using a meter.  I cannot see the meter because his elbow blocked it.  I bend a bit so that I can see it and I saw the amount was 15AUD.  He was driving so slow and I was thinking that is okay but then, it was damn slow.  20 minutes had passed and I still did not saw a sign of our hotel.  I looked at his GPS and we are heading Graham Farmer Freeway and then after a few minutes, it’s Northbridge.  Then I saw the hotel from afar.  It was a 35 minutes drive.  I asked the driver how much and it was damn 58.60AUD.  I said, “wow!” and the driver just looked at me without an expression.  I asked for the receipt and it’s as if he didn’t hear anything.  I asked again and he gave it to me.

The hotel was in a renovation state and I was a bit dismayed when I only saw stairs, no ramp so we have to carry the 20 kilos luggage and there was NO CONCIERGE outside to help us.  Well, hello, this is a four star hotel and we are expecting a good service.  I still can understand if this is a 3 star hotel.

We reached in our room at around 10PM something and we are hungry as a horse.  Jill immediately check the menu and we decided to order one all-day-breakfast and I opt for Stella Artois beer.  The sandwich costs us AUD19.00 (USD22) and beer for AUD6 (USD7.30).

These pictures were taken the next morning:

The reception.

It’s a big and only high-rise hotel in Scarborough and we are at the 22nd floor.  There was no complimentary water.  The room was big and we have patio facing the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean:

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