Day 3: Fremantle

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We decided to go to Fremantle since we have nothing to do.  We took the bus from the hotel because we were late for our hotel bus to Wellington Station.  There’s a bus stop just opposite to the hotel.  Then, we took a train from Perth to Fremantle.  The train costs us 4.20AUD for 2 zones (it has around 11 stops) and it only took 16 minutes ride to Fremantle.

The train station:

When you arrived in Fremantle, there are still cat buses that will take you everywhere for free around the area.  We hop on the blue cat for one big round, then we stop at Notre Dame University which we only knew that is very near the train station or Fremantle Harbour.  We just both laugh by what we discovered.  Just walk from your right and you can already see the Old Round House. Go further and you will see the Notre Dame University and the Shipwreck Gallery.  We didn’t go to the Fremantle Prison because Jill don’t want to (which is going to your left side).  This locations is when you are facing backward the harbour.

Fremantle is a small city located at the mouth of the Swan River.

Fremantle Harbour:

Bus stop 1.  There are I think 12 bus stops in Fremantle which leads you again to the harbour.

The Shipwreck Museum:

The little mermaid:

Lionel Samson & Son PL:

McDonald Smith Building:

Hotel Fremantle:

The Round House: The Round House was the first permanent building built in the Swan River Colony. Built in late 1830 and opened in 1831, it is the oldest building still standing in Western Australia. Wikipedia

Before you can go inside the house, you have to cross the railway but don’t worry, they have a stop light and a signal once there’s a train coming.

The tunnel:

The Round House:

A view from the top:

After walking around, we got hungry and we head down to Cappuccino Strip and we saw “The Monk” restaurant and we enjoyed their bacon, again, which costs us AUD62.

After eating, we decided to walk again and saw The Red Cross shop.  We went inside and I was able to buy a MNG blouse which costs me AUD14.  Then, we also bought presents for our housemates.

What I like most in Australia was that the train is not crowded and no smelly armpit and it amuses me that they have a door divider inside the train.

You can even let your pet and bicycle hop inside the train!

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