February 10 – Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

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I woke up at 12:00noon and we are still inside the bus, on a zigzagging road.  If you have motion sickness, you will really have a headache.  I’m glad my body is a traveler.  At 1:00PM, I started to see the tea plantation and I was so amazed with the surroundings.  I cannot wait to see the hotel.  Unfortunately, there was traffic all over.  We arrived at the Freesia Bus Terminal in Tanah Rata at 2:00PM.  Before you will reach in Tanah Rata, you will passed by Ringlet.  Ringlet is a small town and crowded.

The hotel which I stayed was only five minutes walk from the bus terminal.  On the left side of the terminal you can see a children’s playground.  I think it’s one of the biggest playground in Cameron.  Go inside the playground and cross the road and you will see Century Pines Resort.

When I reached at the reception, there were people in line.  I stand there for a few minutes and I noticed that the lady receptionist didn’t smile at all.  I don’t feel welcome in the hotel but I don’t care.  I am tired and I want to go to sleep.  It was my turn for the receptionist and I gave her my online booking and she asked my credit card.  She told me that once the room is ready, she will just approach me.  I asked one of the receptionist who just came in and not to be biased, she’s from the Philippines and friendly, that if they have a free wi-fi.  She told me that they only have in their restaurant and so I get in, ordered something since I am also hungry.  Oh, by the way, they don’t have a complimentary drink for a 4-star hotel.  I ordered sandwich and mushroom soup in the amount of RM20 for the two course.  I love the salad sidings of the the sandwich but for the mushroom soup?  My soup is better than it.

It was ten minutes before 3:00 after my late lunch and I just sat down at the lobby, waiting for the receptionist to approach me.  3:00PM and she’s still there, looking intently at her computer.  I cannot wait any longer so I stand up and approach her and she told me it’s ready.  She then gave me my room access card and breakfast leaflet for the next three days.  Oh dear, the service is bad.

I went to my room and I was surprised the size of it.  It was chilling cold when I get in and I wonder if they accidentally left the aircon turned-on but there was no remote of an aircon and there was no aircon at all.

The bathroom:

I turned-on the heater all the time.  I only switch it off if I’m going out.  Please read the reviews of the hotel that you are going to book in Cameron because some of the hotels in Cameron, it’s either they don’t have water heater or it is not working at all.  Cameron has a 20 degree Celsius and below, and the water is very cold especially in the morning.

The patio:

I was expecting a great garden view but I found nothing. It’s not superior and there’s no garden.

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