February 12-Sunrise and Country Side Tour

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I also booked sunrise tour.  The tour will starts at 5:30 AM and it will last for 2 1/2 hours.  It costs me RM65.00 (USD21.00) and they wrote there with a light breakfast of tea and sandwich.  It took me 45 minutes to wait in the hotel before my tour guide arrives.  We went to other hotel to fetch some tourists also but they cancel in the last minute so that left me and my tour guide only.  It took us around 30 minutes on the road before we reached our destination.  It was still foggy and we cannot see anything so we waited for a few minutes before we climb to the tower.

There were some tourist on the tower waiting for the sunrise.  I cannot wait the excitement that I feel, seeing the magnificent sunrise so I ask Arwin, my tour guide that I want to go up.  He allow me, and it was already 7:30 AM and he said the sun should already rise but when I went up, I didn’t see anything, not even the mountains where the sun will rise.

View above the tower:

It was so foggy, strong winds and misty.  After around 30 minutes of waiting, Arwin decided to take me to another place, the mossy forest boardwalk.  He said that we might be able to see the sunrise over that area.  I asked him if the company will allow them to do that one and he said yes especially when you cannot see the sun.  When we get there, the weather was the same, foggy and misty.  So we just walked around and I was started to get dismayed because I didn’t see what I wanted to see.

Border between Perak and Pahang:

Arwin taking a sample of cinnamon bark to let me smell it.  The smell was light and refreshing than the smell of dry cinnamon bark.

They wrote in the leaflet that the tour has a light breakfast of tea and sandwich but I didn’t taste even just a sip of tea.  I only notice this one after the trip.  He send me back to the hotel at 8:50 and I have a country side tour at 8:45.  I just changed my clothes because it was a bit wet due to the mist and took a glass of milk and bread in the restaurant for breakfast.  I want to take coffee but there was no coffee anymore.  The staff of the hotel did not check what needs to be added for the breakfast table.

When it was 9:00AM (I know the tour will be late), I went outside with one bread in my hand and saw Arwin waiting for me.  I asked him if he will be the one to tour us for the country side and he said yes.  I sat at the front and chatted with him.  I am only interested in the strawberry farm tour because I haven’t seen a strawberry farm yet and I want to pluck strawberries myself.

The tour consists of Rose Centre, Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm (again, but I told Arwin that I won’t go in and will just stay in the car), Tea plantation and factory (again, but I am still as excited coming again and my mind runs to take a picture with the harvesters), Honey bee Farm, Market Square and Buddhist Temple.  The tour costs RM25.00 (USD8.00)

Inside the Rose Centre:

Jade vine which is common in tropical countries.

It can make a form of a butterfly.

After at the rose centre, we went to the butterfly farm but I stayed inside the car as I already went in yesterday.

Then, Arwin send us to Boh Teh plantation and I told him that I will go down the plantation for a while.  Light rain were already pouring and I waited for a while to stop the rain and it stops.  So, I immediately went down the plantation and went to my right side, hoping to see a harvester and I’m glad the good side was on me.

Boh Tea cafe where you can have a fresh pot of hot tea:

Overlooking from the tea cafe:

Walking thru the plantation to have a picture from the harvesters.

I asked the harvesters that I will take a picture of them and they stop and pause a while to smile at the camera.

The surrounding:  Lovely, isn’t it?

The tea up-close:

Inside the cafe:

It was raining hard just after I took pictures and we were stuck up at the plantation for a few minutes.  When the tour guide sense that the rain won’t stop soon, we went ahead to our tour to Bee Farm.

There was no entrance fee in the farm and you cannot see bees flying around otherwise.  They are inside their house, producing honey.  Though you can find bees seldom flying around, but not that much.  It wasn’t interesting at all.

Overlooking the farm:

The bee farm:

When we reached here, the rain slows down so we were able to tour around a while and came back to the van after 15 minutes.

Just right after at the bee farm, the rain started to pour heavily and we are heading to Strawberry plantation.  My excitement has gone due to the bad weather.

When we reached at the plantation, only one portion of the plantation has been opened and it was so traffic.  I was expecting of plucking up strawberries but end up nothing.  Though the plantation has a cover up, they didn’t open it to the public.

The tour still consists of Market Square and Buddhist Temple but I think due to time constraint or whatever reason, we didn’t go there.  Arwin dropped me at Tanah Rata market because I asked him for a money changer and he said that’s the end of my tour.  He will tour them for agro tour.  I didn’t bring the leaflet and I already saw the strawberry plantation and it is still early to go back to the hotel so I walked around the area.

Do you know him? Because I do.

SK Convent.  At first, I thought this is a convent, yes, it was.  It was converted to a Catholic school.

After a few walks and pictures, I went back to my hotel and enjoy a cup of tea and the coldness in my room.

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