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We decided to have a vacation in Bali before Jill will settle in Norway.  It was only a 3D2N vacation at Kuta Bali.  Sheryl booked the deal at only S$360/pax with KLM return air ticket.  It was a good deal with hotel and free breakfast.  Our flight was Saturday afternoon because there was no schedule in the morning and we arrived in Bali at around 7PM.  The shuttle bus was waiting there for us and explain all the tour if we want too.  We told him that we will decide later.

Our room:

Outside the hotel:

Hotel hallway:

After we settle all our things at the hotel, we went out and walk around going to the beach. The road was dark and empty so we decided to turn around and went on the other side until we saw a sports bar, Pavoz Bar.  We went inside and order some drinks since we already have a dinner on the plane.

After we got tipsy, we went back to the hotel.  You must be very careful in walking around because there’s a lot of manhole.

We woke up the next day feeling excited to roam around.  We head to the beach first under the blazing sun.  It was so hot that you can feel the bite of the sun on your skin.  Luckily we brought our sunblock and put a lot of it.

We saw the Holiday Inn Hotel and we decided to take a closer look.  We love the surrounding and it’s near the ocean.  They also have a bar dip in the pool.  Jill told us to dip on their pool but me and Sheryl were too scared to do it.  Jeff was okay, though.  So, I told Jill to find another place because there’s a guard outside the hotel.

Holiday Inn Pool:

Outside was an awesome beach but it was too hot that you can feel the hot-sand touching on your feet.  I have to run to the bay to avoid the blazing sand.  There were surfers and students listening to the local instructor, willing to learn how to surf.

Then we decided to walk along to find a good spot for lunch.

I didn’t mind walking under the blazing sun because of the beautiful environment.  I think we walked around 30 minutes more before we found a hotel that we can gate-crashed 😉

The place that we found for lunch and gate-crashing.  We really didn’t order lunch.  We went directly inside to their pool, change to swimsuit, and dive (oppsss… I’m scared to swim in deep pool because I cannot swim that much, it was a 1.7m deep and the other side was 1.4 deep.  What I didn’t know that 1.4m was only on the side of the pool with a stairs, the rest was 1.7m and I was able to swim!  The power of mind!)

They also have a pool-dip-bar and we decided to order a drink and have some finger snacks.  One of the lifeguard asked me how was our stay and I confidently said, “Oh lovely!  I love your place!”  He smiled and said thank you and asked me where I came from.  I said I’m from the Philippines and told him, “I have to go to the bar and get some drink”.  He just nod and said enjoy!


But gate-crashing doesn’t mean that we don’t have to pay our drinks.  Of course we pay through card.  The server asked us what room is he going to charge and we almost simultaneously say, “We pay by card!”.

After spending for about three hours in this hotel, we decided to keep on walking and hit the other side of the road, the highway.

We walked all the way until we saw a mall.

We went inside to window shop until we got hungry and went up to eat.

View at the back of the mall:

This is the name of the mall:

We saw these guys playing soccer:

We arrived at the hotel at around 5PM and decided to call our agent to book for a tour.  He agreed to fetch us up at 9AM.  After resting, we change to our evening dress and decided to go clubbing.  We asked the driver which is the best club in Bali and he said Adora.  Also, the receptionist in our hotel recommended Adora.  But we read in the magazine that Sky Garden is good for tourist alike.  But since Adora recommended by locals (Jill refused to go there because she feels that what we will see inside are the locals, trust her, she knows clubs), but we still go there to see the place.  The receptionist agreed that we will see the place inside first before we will pay.  Jill and I went inside to check.  True, it was a local club.  When we went outside, we told Jeff and Sheryl that it’s a local club and we have to go to Sky Garden.  Unfortunately, Sheryl doesn’t want to go there anymore so we decided to go back to the place a bit near to our hotel and have some drink.  There was a live band.  The sad thing was that, it will be closed at 11PM.  We just sat there for around 20 minutes, Sheryl and Jeff sat for around 10 minutes because they went out to buy some finger foods.  The restaurant doesn’t serve foods anymore so they allow us to buy some finger foods while we order drinks.





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