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I checked out at the hotel in Hong Kong before 12noon and head down to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal.  My friend told me to alight at Central station and I did.  The result?  I walked for 30 minutes from the Central station to the Ferry Terminal.  I asked an Auntie which I saw in Terminal 3 and she told me to walk all the way to Terminal 9 (if I’m not mistaken).  I found out that the nearest MTR station from Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to Macau was Sheung Wan Station, exit D.  I was at the back of the terminal where it was a parking lot and there were cars going thru and fro.  The guys in his twenties who smoked outside whom I asked how to go up was so kind enough to tell me how to go up and even told me to be careful at the roads because some of cars just speeds up.  I smiled and thanked him and walk my way going up.

The ticket booth was on the fourth floor and there were lots of travel agency that offers a promotion, or rather lower ticket cost than the original price.  I saw this Beng Seng Travel Agency just in front of the entrance and so far they have the lowest price for a ferry.  I bought the ticket for only HKD140 (USD18.00) for one way for Cotai Jet Ferry.  I’m not sure how much really is the normal price but before I bought the ticket, I walked a while and checked some travel agency and the booths directly and the price ranges from HKD150 and up.

Everything was fast.  The ferry leaves at 1:45PM and I was inside the ferry on time.  Immigration officers were friendly.  It takes only an hour to arrive in Macau.  When we arrived, there was a free shuttle waiting for us to Venetian Hotel where I will meet my partners.  I waited them at the hotel and I was awed by the interior design of it.

Venetian Hotel lobby

After we gather in the lobby, we all walk together going to our room, still looking around.  There were a lot of Casino goers in the hotel but you seldom see Westerns inside.  Majority of the people there are Chinese.  Well, Macao is a boundary between Hong Kong and China.

When we saw our room, we were like a child running around.  It was huge.  It was like a whole house in an average people of Asia.

The room:



This is a sofa-bed.  They extended it for us.



The bathroom.  The open door is the toilet.


The closet:


After we settled, we went out to check the place.  We were hungry and we decided to eat outside so that we can also see the beauty of their place and taste the local food.

We head down to Tai Pa Village as per the recommendation of the concierge.



But before we look for a restaurant, we change our money first because we don’t have Macao’s currency.  We don’t know the price of the food and we decided to change HKD to Pataca (Macao’s currency).  The conversion was only MOP 1.2.  We changed HKD150 and some changed HKD200.  The money changer lady was so rude that she almost slam the money on the counter.  She didn’t smile at all and she even put down the calculator like we are not customers.  We really don’t understand why she acted like that.


We went inside of one of the restaurants and we just love their fish-ball and chili crab aside from the other food that we ordered.  It was a very good late lunch.  We finished all the food and still talking regarding the lady in the money changer.  Then we wonder how much do we need to pay for our food.  It turns out that the money that we changed was almost the price of the food.  Now we know why the lady was rude.  Oh well, she just can tell us that the money that we change is not enough and we will gladly add up.


Around Tai Pa Village:












We stayed in the village until dusk and bought some present to bring back home.





After fulling our stomach up, we went back to the hotel to rest a while.  Then we planned to go to the Hardrock to have some good time.  Before going to Hardrock, we went out to see the other part of the Venetian Hotel.

those windows!

Friends, smile overload!

Wishing well. Well, it’s not really a well.

Fake sky. Damn!

City of Dreams Hotel:

Mermaid hologram

We had a good time jamming at the Hard Rock bar.  The male singers were from Indonesia but we didn’t know where the girl’s from but she’s good.  They are all good.



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