Pulau Ubin

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Pulau Ubin is a small island located in the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore and is shaped like a boomerang. If you are tired of listening the sound of the city, go and have fun in Pulau. You can reach there by taking a ferry in Tanah Merah. The ferry fare is only $2.50. You can also relax in Celestial Hotel. For fun, hire a one day bicycle and please follow the signs to avoid accident. If the sign say dismount your bike, you have to dismount. The road in Pulau is rough but there is also a part which is asphalt. Go and head to Chek Jawa (opens from 8:30am to 6:00pm) where you can feel the fresh air (bring sunblock and umbrella if you want), the bridge from entrance to the tower. Go up the tower and observe the endless horizon of the blue ocean. But the tower is only open if the weather is good.

Below are some you can find in Pulau:

Celestial Hotel Pulau Ubin:

Going to Chek Jawa:

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