Thai Bee Hoon Salad in Singapore (Update)

Notes by traveldiary007 on Friday, January 13th, 2012 under Food Trip
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Thai Bee Hoon Salad

Thai Tang Hoon Salad

The main ingredients of this food (as far as I am concerned and as what I have seen when I ate it) are:  Bee hoon, parsley, chili, lettuce, onion, shrimp, fish ball (sliced thinly), vinegar and lime.  It’s sooooo yummy.  The smell and the taste of the vinegar, oh, I cannot say no to it.  This is my instant favorite food.  You can order this one in BK Eating House, just very near to River Valley, junction of South Bridge Road and Circular Road.  One order is only S$4.00 and you will absolutely get full!  For those who don’t like it spicy, ask for a no chili one.  Enjoy!

Update:  As of 15 August 2014

Me and my friend craves to their bee hoon salad so we decided to go there but we will only get disappointed because the stall is not there anymore.  We didn’t able to ask the replaced stall because they are very busy so we just ordered normal food.

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