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There are a lot of things to do and see in Perth (in no particular order). You cannot get bored in this quiet and peaceful (yet expensive) city of Western Australia.

  1. There is a free bus ride in Perth called CAT operated by Transperth. CAT has four routes which has four different colours as well. Blue, red, green and yellow CAT route. You can hop on and hop off in these buses and have fun getting lost but find treasure in your camera.

Perth bus fare is calculated per zone which range from AUD3.00 to AUD12.00, depending on where you are going.

free bus in Freemantle

Perth free bus ride

Don’t get confused with the bus. Red color bus doesn’t mean they are the red CAT, you have to check the notice LED for the route and color of that bus. Hmmmm.. tricky one.

2. If you love graffiti, get on your feet to narrow roads in the city proper. You can see colorful walls (even rooftop) with beautiful drawings.


Graffiti on the roof

3. If you love shopping (cheap shopping), go inside Good Sammy. It’s a thrift store providing work for people with disabilities. It’s a short name for Good Samaritan under a protestant Church in Perth. (I bought 3 pieces of clothes and I love it!)

Thrift store in Perth

4. Visit The Bell Tower if you like love locks and lock some love with your honey, bunny, sweety or whatever you call him/her. Also, make a wish to their wishing well and hope your wish may come true.

The Bell Tower, Perth

love locks in Perth

5. If you fancy park, visit one of the world’s largest park, Kings Park. Kings Park is best to visit during spring which is September to November where you can see wildflowers. If you are there in different month, just look for a tree or bench where you can sit and grab your book.

6. Go to Fremantle where you can see 19th century buildings and other preserved heritage.

7. If you haven’t seen kangaroo Jack in real life, this is the best time to make a visit and feed them. Don’t worry, they won’t kick you, they like to be feed and lick your hand. Ewww!!!

Perth kangaroo

Kangaroo feeding

Do you think your teddy bear is the softest, cutest (non-living) animal in the world? Well, you are wrong! Wombat is the winner! It’s so soft (but stinky) that I want to hug it tight but we are not allowed to hold it, only touch it.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Wombat at Caversham Wildlife Park

8. If you are a vegetarian, you don’t eat seafood of course. But you can still visit the Lobster Shack, only you have to bring your own food which is allowed during lunch time. But for those who love seafood? It’s heaven!

Lobster Shack

Lobster in Cervantes

This live tour of the lobster is in Cervantes, a two-hour drive from Perth. You will see different types and size of lobster and you wish you can see it in your kitchen pot!

9. Nambung National Park is home to Western Australia’s renowned Pinnacles Desert.  Take a stroll through this eerie desert, among the iconic Pinnacles believed to have been created millions of years ago when seashells were broken down into sand and then eroded by water and wind.

Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park

10.  For those wanting more adventure, your adrenaline will be pumping as you sand board down these massive dunes in Lancelin.  Spanning 2 kilometers long, you will be in awe of the sheer size of these dunes.

Lancelin dunes

Sand dunes in Perth

11. If you are thinking of buying a yacht, head down to Hillary’s Boat Harbour where you can see for sale yacht.

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