Third Day: Elephant Ride

Notes by traveldiary007 on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 under Phuket
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We woke up early for our tour but we are late as usual.  (I have to wait Jill, as always, ssshhh).  And we have an angry face driver waited us downstairs…

We are the first customer who arrived in the area.  It was not the same area that I went before.  We meet our mammoth guide named Jack and we are laughing because my friend’s name is Jill.  I told Jack that my name is Rose and he was laughing and he said he knows Rose from the movie Titanic.  Oh well, I know we will have a good day together with our mammoth named Dodo.  Dodo by the way is a girl.

We walked around for about 10 minutes and stayed on the cliff for about 20 minutes.  We are screaming because it was a cliff and we are scared that Dodo might fall.  Jack only laughed and took my camera and went down to took pictures.  Dodo was walking back and forth on the big stone by the cliff, and we cannot stop screaming and we heard her scream also.  Maybe she’s thinking that we are so noisy that our scream turned into laughter.

Jack’s best shoot and the envy of my friends:

Just right after the ride, it rained heavily that we weren’t able to leave the place immediately.  We were stuck there for around 10 minutes before we were able to go to the parking area.

When we arrived at the hotel, we took our lunch and take a rest.  We decided to walk around in the afternoon and have some photo shoot at the beach.

Patong area:

Bloody… how cheap?

What’s in the menu?

This statue of the chef looks like our landlord before, hahaha:

Coffee date at TCC Patong:

We do a little of shopping and head back to the hotel.  We planned to have a night out but the it rained hard so we decided to stay at the hotel and sleep.

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