Toilet in Public Elementary School

Notes by yeyette on Friday, October 14th, 2016 under Charity, Featured
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My cousin who is a teacher in a public elementary school in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental asked your help to build a toilet inside their classrooms. They have a common toilet but it is quite far and the kids will get drench if it will rain and it always is. Department of Education did remove the budget for all toilets inside the classroom unless someone will donate or the teacher pays itself.

My cousin’s concern is for her/their students not to run to the common toilet but to have a comfortable toilet (at least) inside their room. The rooms are under construction as you can see the photos and she hope that we can donate while it is still under construction so that they can finish it all together.

We are knocking on your good heart to help this kids and the teachers have their own toilet inside the classroom. 

Travel not for ourselves, travel to help.

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