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If you need a place to relax, chill or think, go to Pasir Ris Town Park and after watching those people catching fish, walk ahead to Pasir Ris Park. Saturday, aside from weekdays, is the best day to go since there’s not much people around.

Pasir Ris station is in green line, and you have to go out in Exit A.

Walk all the way until you see the stop light and cross the road. From there, you will see Pasir Ris Town Park signboard.

Pasir Ris Town Park

Pasir Ris Town Park

What to expect inside:

1.  Fish pond. If you love fishing, you can come here and have the freshest catch in Singapore. For price information, you can check D’best Fishing website.

Fish pond in Pasir Ris

Fresh catch

2. Birds and Lizard watching. It’s hard not to catch lizards here. Pasir Ris is a cool place to relax and has a lot of tree that lizards love to stay. Find one or two and you are off to go. You can even see birds singing on top of the tree.

Posing for his exposure

And another one:

Ever wonder how woody woodpecker looks like in real? Well, go to Pasir Ris Town Park and see for yourself.

Woodpecker in Pasir Ris

Woodpecker in Singapore

You can even see mushrooms too! Just don’t put it in your mouth, it might not be edible.

And seldom you see this kind of situation. I had made a poem out of this one, titled “Waiting“. Some people wait for time, some wait for love, and some wait for death. Don’t wait for death, because it will come anytime, don’t wait for love, find it, don’t wait for time, because it won’t wait for you. Do what you can do in your life and make the most of it while you still can do.

If you see this signage, go straight to Park Connector (Pasir Ris Park).

You will see this water sports, just walk from this side going out.

You will pass by this area:

And a drive-thru, walk all the way to the road.

You will then see this parking area. Start your journey here.



Singapore mangrove, mangrove in Singapore

Bird-watching tower:

A view on top:

They even have cottages. I am not sure though if you have to pay to use this one. You might contact National Parks Singapore for more information.

And more mushrooms! Yeah, I love mushrooms, but only the edible ones.

When I saw these line of heritage trees, I was like I am in a fairy tale place. I was in awe. It was so amazing that you can find this kind of place knowing that you are in Singapore, a small country that some people only knows that this is a concrete jungle country. It is not. You have to go out to discover more about Singapore.

Pasir Ris Park

Heritage trees in Singapore

Heritage trees in Singapore

You might also bump with squirrels.

Will somebody sit here with me?

Then, I saw these people all heads up. I wonder what they are looking at.

I was amazed by these two guy’s big lenses. I looked up but I see nothing (even though I have my eyeglasses with me). I went to the guy with a green t-shirt and talked to him. I told him that he has a huge-cool-lens. I thought he will allow me (for once) to try it but he told me, sternly: “Look up, there’s a spotted owl”.

I do so but my eyes are not good so I use my lens and zoom it out. Indeed, two spotted owls sleeping.

You can do bbq by the beach or do some sports.

They have restaurants:

And chicken’s too!

So, if you need some time and some place to just think over and relax, head down to Pasir Ris and enjoy those relaxing moments.

You can find below from National Parks Singapore.

How to get there: Bus stop no. 77129 (Opp Unit 104), 77119 (Aft Pasir Ris Way), 78109 (Downtown East), 78091 (Opp Downtown East)

Park Size: 70 hectares, stretching over 3.2km

Park lighting hours: 7:00pm to 7:00am

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible


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