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15 minutes… 30 minutes… an hour… a week… a month… a year… how patient are you?

Waiting is painful and yet exciting. You wait for your child to come out from your wife’s stomach. Waiting to hear them say, “Mommy, Daddy”. Excited to see them grow up. You cry to see them walking down the aisle, then we are waiting for our turn to rest. How painful is waiting? How much can we wait?

the patience…

People change overtime. From young we love extreme sports, or sports that involves a lot of movement. Then people grow old, and the constant movement hurts them so they choose fishing. I admire those people who has the passion of fishing. I admire their patience. For me, it is the most boring hobby in the world. Just sit there and wait for the fish to eat the bait. But for them, it’s their joy, their pride of getting a huge catch.


…of waiting

We use a bait to let the fish come or is there any other technique into it? The same with our life, sometimes we lure people, for what? For our own satisfaction?


the bait

Bait is just a small thing, but the success of getting what the bait wants is huge. No, the bait is only an instrument. It’s still us in the end what we want in life.

the catch, the price of the bait

But in the end, the success of baiting a fish and getting a huge one is total happiness. It’s the price of being patient.

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