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My housemates told me to apply for a visa in Australia since we can always go to ASEAN countries without a problem.  I said, okay, I will give it a try though I need to pay SGD196, whether it is approve or not.  I applied for 3 months visa validity.

Australian embassy in Singapore is located at 20 Cecille Street, #11-02 to 05, Equity Plaza.  The following requirements for visit visa are:

1) Form 1419 (download from their website at www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1419.pdf); 2) 3 months bank statement with a savings of at least equivalent to USD5,000; 3) Photocopy of passport and pages where you travel; 4) Identification card (you also need to photocopy); 5) Certificate of employment with salary; 6) Itinerary; 7) 1 Passport size picture (you can take a picture inside the embassy, you just have to pay SGD12).

The UK and NZ embassy are also located inside.  You have to switch-off your phone before you can go inside the embassy.  The processing of tourist visa will take up to 10 days.  I applied on July 12, 2013 and based on my visa, it was approved on July 22, 2o13.  July 29 and I still did not received a call or email from AVAC, so I emailed them when can I get my passport so that I can plan my travel if it wasn’t approve.  By they way, do not lost the receipt because they will check it back when you are going to claim your passport and visa.  There’s a link in the receipt where you can check the result everyday but you won’t know whether it is approved or not.  You will only know where your passport is, hahaha… Sounds complicated?  Try applying.

On July 30, I received a call from AVAC that I can already collect my passport.  July 31, I’ve got my passport.  I immediately opened the envelop when I get inside the car and I was partly sad when they only gave me one month validity of my visa and two weeks visit only.  How odd, haha.  My itinerary was August 1 to August 5 and it will be the next day.  My actual plan of visiting Australia was really on October but it will be earlier than expected.  I need to travel before 22 of August or else it will be expired.

I texted my housemate Jill, that I’ve got my visa and has only one month validity.  She called me and asked me to look for a cheap booking on August 5 to 9.  August 8 & 9 is a holiday in Singapore, so we have a long holiday.  I told her my problem (which she knows).  I cancelled my itinerary which i only pay for a small amount.

August 1 and we were able to settle our flight to Australia.  The cheapest and only flight we have on that date is going to Perth via Tiger Airways.  The flight costs us SGD615 per person.  We will arrive at Perth Airport Terminal 1 at 9:15PM.  There was no morning flight so we took the earliest flight which is 3:15PM.

On August 2, we were able to settle our hotel at Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough in the amount of SGD1,216 including 10% and NO breakfast.  Our room is a deluxe king beachfront view.  Sad to say that the hotel doesn’t have a shuttle bus or a van to pick us up.  I emailed them regarding the shuttle bus if they can pick us at the airport but they don’t have that kind of service.

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