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I really don’t like traveling for a one night stay only but for the sake of a heart-broken friend, I did it.  We went to Bintan Saturday and returned on Sunday.

If you are from Singapore, alight in Tanah Merah MRT and exit in Exit B and take bus 35.  Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is the last location that the bus will stop, so no need to worry because all will alight here, to those going to Pulau Ubin or Bintan.

We booked a ferry ticket in advance at www.brf.com.sg at SGD44.94 round-trip per person.  We booked at 2:00PM departure (Singapore time) since we still have  to work in the morning.  We arrived in Bintan at 1:55PM, same day.  Indonesia time is late of 1 hour so you will be one hour younger here, hehe.

I am glad that I emailed the resort (Bintan Agro Beach Resort) earlier on how to go to their place and they politely emailed me back that they will fetch us from the terminal to their resort.  An old bus was waiting for us in the terminal and we asked what is the travel time from terminal to their resort.  The driver smile and said, “A maximum of one-and-a-half hour Ma’am.”  I replied, “Ohhh… a bit far huh.”  We did not leave the terminal yet as we are still waiting some of the passengers who are still in the immigration.  So we waited for a while, no, we waited for 30 minutes but don’t worry, you can do shopping there, though the products are not that cheap but still cheaper than in Singapore.

We left the terminal at 2:30PM and it feels so good being far from concrete jungle where you used to see everyday.  I saw houses, trees, dogs, people beside the road doing their own thing.  Forty five minutes later, you can only see a road and farm-land, with a few plants (I think they just planted the land).  The place was so good that I wanted to tell the driver to stop so that I can take a picture but we are chasing the time to arrive to the resort with the sun still up so that we can still do something.

We arrived in the resort at 4:00PM and they give us a room near the Spa, facing the sea with our own terrace. Our room is in the middle.  Above is the Oceanic Spa.

We booked with an extra bed but when we arrived, there are only two beds in the room so we called the receptionist to add a bed.  This is how our room looks like with the additional bed.  Kind of small but it’s okay at least we can still move around.

The hotel costs us SGD31.79 per person for one night with breakfast.

We decided to roam around and this is what we found:

If you want to see what the mermaids look like, well, look no more because that’s the name of their rooms.  We were curious what’s inside their Mini Zoo but we decided not to go there because we are a bit tired so we just walked around near our room and waiting for the night to come for a sumptuous-seafood-supper.

I was very disappointed with their beach.  It’s muddy and a lot of big stone.  You really don’t want to swim here.  Before we arrived in this resort, there are beautiful beaches we saw before this area.  It was green and clear but here, you really do not want to be back.

Since we are already disappointed with what we saw, we walk further and take a look at their Seafood Restaurant.

Along the way, we saw this car.

The white-witch flying on our way to the restaurant.  I guess she is hungry and hunting for something… ;-).  Sad to say that her broom cannot fly that high and far.

the flying witch

They have two restaurants as what their arrows wrote.  They have Asiana Restaurant where you can have your breakfast and overlooking at the swimming pool and their SunMoon Restaurant, where they serve seafoods.

SunMoon Restaurant

The restaurant at night:

SunMoon Restaurant at night

We paid our food for 362,000 Rupiah, around SGD45.80 for the 3 of us.  We had seafood fried rice, prawns, another kind of seafoods, chicken wings, banana split, vegetables and 3 margaritas.  For that price?  Not bad at all.

I woke up at seven in the morning and I wanted to see the beautiful sunrise and I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw.

Outside Spa in the morning:

When I came back at our room, my two beautiful friends are still in their sleeping beauty mode so I head back down on my bed which is in the middle and make fun of them by taking pictures in their sleepy heads.  The pictures are not for you to see. 🙂

They woke up at 8:00AM and we head to the restaurant for our breakfast at 9:00AM.

The view over the restaurant:  The pool is not big enough to cater their customers and after a few minutes, a group of people head down to swim.  They divided the pool into two, one is for the kids and the bigger one is for the adults and those who can swim.  I think its only about 1M high.

After breakfast, we decided to check what we can do since we still have an ample time.  We went to their recreation center to check for a sea sport but we don’t like it because the price is high for only a few minutes.  We read a flyer that they have an island tour for $20 per person so we grab it.  The boat man will fetch us at 11:00 AM so we still have one hour to roam around.  We rent out a bike for $5 per person for one hour and we head down to their mini zoo to see what they’ve got.

Enjoy their mini zoo 😉



A rabbit..


Cockatoo… (We have one at home and can speak “Pangit!” which means “Ugly!” in a clear-loud-voice).


Yes, they have chicken, rabbit, and cockatoo and they have lovebirds, too.

We saw this beautiful cottages and we take the opportunity of taking picture of it since no one is around.

At 11AM, the boatman came and fetch us and send us to Pasir Island.  He told us that he will leave us for one hour.  We were so happy that we can stay for an hour and I asked him how many islands we are going to tour and then he said, “Only this one.”  My jaw dropped because they wrote there “island tour”, but they have only one island.  Anyway, we will just take our time and enjoy the day and the beautiful beach.

The boatman never really leave at all, he just sit there and waited for us.  There were open cottages in the island but no food stall so bring your food and water with you.

Pasir Island

Yes, we had fun with the beach.  It was clean and beautiful.  The driver send us back at 1PM, so we had one hour free.

It’s already 1:30 when we arrived at the resort and we took our lunch at the seafood restaurant (I already forgot how much we paid).  At 2PM, we are back at our room and the phone rang and the receptionist told us that its time to check out.  We took a bath like a flash and after 20 minutes, the phone rang again and the receptionist got angry that she told us that they will charge us $50 per hour if we still won’t check out.  Since the two of us hasn’t done changing yet, we let our heart-broken friend to go to the receptionist first to check out and we will just follow.  Then, everything was settled.  I asked my friend if the receptionist asked us to pay about the bus but she said no, so it was totally free.

We had a massage (we booked in the morning) at 3PM at their Spa.  I was disappointed with my masseur because her hands are cold.  I was not happy but she is a nice lady and I chit-chatted with her just to divert my attention to not to feel the coldness of her hands.

The Spa:

I paid the massage for 1 hour and 20 minutes at SGD30.  The price is actually almost the same in Singapore, only 20 minutes longer.

The driver took us back to the ferry terminal at 6PM.  Our ferry will depart at 8:15PM and will arrived in Singapore time 10:10PM.  Glad there wasn’t so much people in the immigration that we arrived back home at 11:00PM.

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