A Day in My Brother’s Place

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We went to our brother’s farm because he was so busy that he cannot go to the city to join us.  We packed some food and head our way. I just came from a flight and still a bit dizzy because of lack of sleep and so I slept in the car. We reached to Libona (my brother’s place) in an hour and had a good late lunch.

We’ve got this bird during the fire in Sumatra forest way back in 1999. We named him Bobok. He stayed in the farm before and father got him with the papaya he ate from the farm. He learned to say, “pangit (means ugly)”; “halo (or hello)”; ilalo (as what my nephew says, it’s just bobok’s accent, hahaha.. ilalo is I love you)”; “anak ko (where Saboy, kuya’s youngest son used to call her aunt where his aunt used to call him that one. Anak ko means my child); “gwapo (handsome)”.

Bobok still recognises me after a year of not seeing me. He still gave me his head and let me touch him. Sweet little bird.


My brother’s poncan tree just outside their house.

My brother’s rooster.



Beautiful orchids!



And plants and flower!

Saboy (my brother’s youngest son) loves to tease his first cousin, Rona.

Writing her diary (Rona) at the age of 9.

A few hours later, the rain drops for a few minutes and when it slowed down, we went to the park and let the children play with the rain.

He’s sad because he cannot join them.

Follow the leader!

When it becomes windy, we went back to their house and let them shower in the rain. This reminds me of my childhood days when me and my siblings played with the rain. So much fun!

It was blackout so they used the old ways of making light; salt, oil, matchsticks and cotton and there was light!






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