“Every travel is a journey and every journey is a travel. No matter where you go, what you’re up to is a journey. Enjoy life, live with it and make peace of it. Our journey in life will end but not with our soul. Go beyond the journey and discover what life has to offer.”~Eacel Janubas~

Traveling is always on my mind even though I am busy at work. It’s not an easy thing to do if you are out of budget. You have to squeeze your time, save and plan. I do my first travel adventure at my 32nd birthday, that is my 10 days of traveling alone and it was a brave decision knowing that I am a Filipina. Westerns knew us as bring-our-friends-colleagues-relatives-whoever we can drag for travel. But then realization hits me that I can travel alone, and I will do it as a gift to myself. It was like heaven, it was pure freedom, it was everything that I cannot imagine. Yes! I did it successfully and I will absolutely do it again.

I do research how to go to a certain place, the budgets before I will decide.  Doing a research in traveling is not that bad, it can help you a lot where to go and what to do.  Planning ahead of time is not bad as well, but some people don’t want to plan, they just go ahead because it will give them a sense of adventure.

Join me in my journey. I hope this blog will help you in anyway it can. Last words, when you travel, have faith and respect the people in that certain country. Remember that you are a stranger and you are there to explore, to learn their culture, so respect is the most important tool that you need to carry when traveling and have faith in God that in your journey, you will arrive safely wherever you go.

Enjoy reading! Cheers!

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