Alone at Santubong National Park

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We roam around the area of Damai and we found this sweet park just a few minutes walk from the hotel.

We hired a taxi to go to Semenggoh to watch an Orangutan BUT… there was none on sight. It was a fruit season in the forest so they stayed there, hiding from the wave of eyes.

Crocodile on the loose!


An army of termites working together! If only human are like them. Working smart.

army of termites

A web of time 🙂


Patiently waiting for the Orangutan(s).

A park ranger waiting for an Orangutan to arrive.

After a few minutes of waiting with nothing, we left the place and my friend went back to the hotel while I explore Santubong National Park. It was a 15 minute walk from Damai Hotel.

The entrance going to the park.

I almost back-out when I read this because I was alone but when I saw people walking, I started walking as well.

This is where you will register. There was no ranger inside but when I saw some people already registered just a few minutes ahead of me, I did, too. At least I know I am not alone in the park.

And don’t forget to follow the trail.

Family’s day out.

Going farther. I like the fact that the big roots substituted as stairs.

I was thinking for a hammock for a while. I cannot find Tarzan anyway.

You can have a BBQ in this part of the park.

I wonder what’s out there so I went further. The falling leaves use as a natural red carpet.

Beyond the beauty. I was thinking if I continue walking or not but I still did.

After a while I heard a stream. I saw this little stream with a no entry ribbon.

What greets me after the little stream was these big files of stones. I cannot see the trail anymore.

And this! Lovely!

I can’t help splashing the fresh waters into my lovely face :). I crossed the stream and saw another trail uphill.

This guy wants to accompany me 🙂


You thought it was a snake for a while? Nope! It’s just a hanging root.

The root “tree”spasser 🙂

Up and beyond.

This is huge!

There was a small bridge with rope to hold to cross to the other side.

And to cross to the other side? You have to walk thru this “falling down tree” bridge. Seriously! Can you see the small trees linked to the two medium size trees, that’s the bridge.

There it is.

And this! But don’t worry, it’s just below the knee deep. Just be careful with the slippery stones though.

I’m here! But nope, not the summit. This is a signage going to a waterfall.

Waterfall… 😀

And if you see straight, this the way going up to the summit. I started to ascend but I was thinking I don’t have the right shoes, I am alone, I don’t have enough water, I don’t have food, no headlamp  AND, it’s late in the afternoon. Don’t be stupid. Go to the waterfall.

I just took a photo going up to the summit, how does it looks like.

As I can see it, it’s not hard to climb since there are roots which you can balance and a rope which you can hold. Your enemy is the slippery stone.

But then, I still don’t know what’s up there.

And so I went away to the waterfall. I can hear people laughing at this time.


This bridge is link to the other waterfall on top. These family told me that there is a bigger waterfall on top. That’s where the laugh comes. They said there are other people up there.

But I prefer to stay down here. More quiet.



The one with the blue blouse made the stone balancing.

Happy me 🙂

I left the place satisfied after staying an hour or so.

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