Turi Beach Resort

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 under Batam

Standard Post with ImageThe driver waited outside the hotel and the receptionist was very much obliged to let us go.  (Well, we are not their only customer, but still, it's still money that went out of their hotel). We went to Barelang Bridge because as they say, you cannot be in Batam without visiting the bridge.  It's their famous bridge that connects to the other island. We only stayed there a few minutes and while we are walking to the car, we saw these big-cooked-crabs on the street: Jill is hungry! Then, we go straight to Turi Beach Resort.  On our way there:…more

Batam, again, after almost 5 years

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 under Batam

Standard Post with ImageYes, I've been here almost 5 years ago with my ex-colleagues.  Batam was my first travel outside Singapore.  It was exciting.  After our travel, I realised that I want more. Now, I'm traveling with my housemates and Batam didn't change that much.  Only the paint in the wall has been changed. By the way, I booked the ferry ticket from Batam Fast Ferry at only SGD84 for 2 person, two way.  To be able to get the discount, click the promotion tab instead of the regular tab.  There you can see the promotion rate which has the same travel time for…more

Jogging Barefoot

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 under Bintan

Standard Post with ImageIt's my last day here at Mutiara Guesthouse and I don't intend to wake up early but the waves are calling me.  As usual, I took my camera out with me and take the opportunity to see the magnificent sunrise again. After I satisfied myself, I went back to my tent and put my camera down.  Since it was a low tide, I decided to jog, barefoot.  It was refreshing.  Then at the far end of the beach, it was foggy.  So the drops on my tent every morning was from a fog, not from a rain.  I smiled and…more

Good Morning Sunshine!

Notes by yeyette on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 under Bintan

Standard Post with ImageI woke up at 6:30AM and heard the loud splash of the waves.  I went back to sleep in a few minutes but it felts hot inside the tent.  I peep from the tent window and saw the sun rising.  I got up, took my camera, and went out.  I noticed drops of rain on my tent but I didn't heard that it rains.  I may be asleep or it's just a mist, I want to know. What I love in Bintan is the rising sun.  It was relaxing and refreshing.  I didn't regret that I got up early and…more

The Beautiful Trikora

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, June 8th, 2014 under Bintan

Standard Post with ImageThe ferry will depart from Singapore at 10:30AM from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.  I went out at home at 8:45 and took a train going to Tanah Merah station.  Take note what happens next... I arrived at the station at 9:05AM, went down right & took bus no. 2 GOING to Changi Ferry Terminal.  I was early and I was glad.  I head down to the Pengerang and Pulau Ubin Terminal.  I was wondering why the terminal was different from before.  I've been to Bintan almost one and a half years ago and me and two of my friends took…more

Searching the Necessary

Notes by yeyette on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 under Bintan

Standard Post with ImageTwo weeks before the Holy Week, I was already thinking where to go.  I definitely don't want to stay home.  The culture in the Philippines during holy week is going to the Church.  Though far from my family, I still can stay at home watching TV the whole day but I know it will bore me to death.  So, I decided to go out somewhere far from the stressful life of Singapore. I choose Bintan over Batam because of the nice beaches.  I searched hotels in Bintan but all are fully-booked.  Since the hotels are fully booked, I searched for…more

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