Turi Beach Resort

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 under Batam

Standard Post with ImageThe driver waited outside the hotel and the receptionist was very much obliged to let us go.  (Well, we are not their only customer, but still, it's still money that went out of their hotel). We went to Barelang Bridge because as they say, you cannot be in Batam without visiting the bridge.  It's their famous bridge that connects to the other island. We only stayed there a few minutes and while we are walking to the car, we saw these big-cooked-crabs on the street: Jill is hungry! Then, we go straight to Turi Beach Resort.  On our way there:…more

Batam, again, after almost 5 years

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 under Batam

Standard Post with ImageYes, I've been here almost 5 years ago with my ex-colleagues.  Batam was my first travel outside Singapore.  It was exciting.  After our travel, I realised that I want more. Now, I'm traveling with my housemates and Batam didn't change that much.  Only the paint in the wall has been changed. By the way, I booked the ferry ticket from Batam Fast Ferry at only SGD84 for 2 person, two way.  To be able to get the discount, click the promotion tab instead of the regular tab.  There you can see the promotion rate which has the same travel time for…more


Notes by traveldiary007 on Monday, December 19th, 2011 under Batam, Indonesia

Standard Post with ImageBatam, Indonesia is just like a province in the Philippines.  We went there for a one day city tour with an English speaking tourist guide.  It was okay and the most that I like was the food.  I had a lot of burp in there, hehehe.  They tour us to the temple, one of the biggest in Batam which you will find Buddhas setting outside.  Then, they sent us to Batam Miniature House Park.  Here, you will see different house designs from different provinces in Indonesia.  The tour also have a free food tasting of Batam's delicacies. [gallery] If you…more