Inle Lake: Where Serenity and Love Combined

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, March 27th, 2016 under Inle

Standard Post with ImageI woke up at 4:30AM getting ready when at 5:00AM, the rain pours down. Win Nyunt called the boatman and he said he is coming. Win Nyunt told me that I can choose to go without the sun or wait for the rain to stop whatever time it is. I told him I just wait. At 6:30AM, the rain slowed down and I went with the boatman. His name is Colleen. We just walked from the guesthouse to the canal. Luckily, the rain stops when we arrived in the jetty. Welcome to Inle. A morning that is never broken. I…more

Biking Through Red Mountain Estate

Notes by yeyette on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 under Inle

Standard Post with ImageThe bus arrives in Inle a little late. Instead of 3AM, it arrives at 4AM due to rain. There was a check point before the bus arrives in Inle station where they will ask for a USD10.00 from the foreigners.  I don't know what is that payment for. I was so sleepy that I only opened my eyes and get back to sleep. I was waiting for the collector to approach me or wake me up to collect that money until I noticed that the bus moved again. Nobody woke me up to collect money. I was thinking maybe they…more