Meeting the “Legend”

Notes by yeyette on Saturday, December 30th, 2017 under Featured, Luzon

Standard Post with ImageWe were all excited to travel to Buscalan to meet Apo Whang-Od, the last "mambabatok", the legend. We left Maligcong at 9am and the next jeepney was at 12noon so we decided to walk from the guesthouse going to where there are "motorela or tuktuk" to Bontoc. We had fun walking along the way and make stops to take crazy photos. The view of Bontoc. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Bontoc view[/caption] Stay away, bitches. An old volk parked along the highway. Old but still lovely. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] An old volk[/caption] We walked for 30 minutes and then a few minutes…more

Hiking Mt. Kupapey

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Standard Post with ImageHiking Mt. Kupapey is a joy to behold. It is surrounded by green scenery and a guide dog! Walking as early as 4am. Warming up while waiting for the sun to shine. It was as cold as 16 degree Celcius. When the sun creeps in at the thick cloud early in the morning. Have you seen a "fogfall?" We did! It was like watching a waterfalls but instead of water, it's a fog. We are in perfect awe! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="427"] Fogfall[/caption] "Hi Ms. Andreea, can you please talk to me? I'm so cold here." Ask Konig. Slowly, the…more

Maligcong Rice Terraces

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Standard Post with ImageFrom Bontoc, you can ride a jeepney to Maligcong for around 30 minutes for only Php20.00. We stayed at Suzette's Homestay. Look for the signage on the left side facing the road or better yet ask the barker or driver to stop at Suzette's Homestay. We took a room for 4 for only Php350 per person per night. After settling our things, we went outside to see the surrounding.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Old motorcycle[/caption] Colourful door. An old volks. A new found friend. We went down and saw the jeepney terminal just a few minutes walk from the…more

Bontoc, Mountain Province

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Standard Post with ImageFrom the airport, we head directly to Cubao where a friend stays and left our things for a while to munch for dinner and bought some snacks before heading to Coda Bus Line in Cubao. The bus will leave at 9pm and the fare was Php685.00. We reached Bontoc before 7am and we were so amaze by the place. We looked for a place to eat for breakfast and we can't wait to sip a cup of coffee. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Mother and Child inside their store[/caption] Looking for coffee shop. We settled a mini eatery to have our…more


Notes by traveldiary007 on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 under Luzon, Philippines

Standard Post with ImageI had a chance of touring around Intramuros by car since I have a friend who live in Manila.  I felt ashamed to tell them that I want to walk around slowly, reminiscing the Philippine history and taking pictures as much as I want because they have children to attend to after the tour.  They just let me see how does the Intramuros looks and I am glad that her husband let us out to take a picture of the Manila Cathedral.  It was blazing hot and unfortunately, the Cathedral was closed for renovation. While walking going to Intramuros Park,…more