Hidden Beach in Sentosa That You Didn’t Know

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, April 9th, 2017 under Featured, Singapore

Standard Post with ImageA lot of people in Singapore didn't know that there is a beach hiding at Sentosa. I've been living in Singapore for seven years and I've only known it lately when I joined a meetup group in  Singapore. Seashore is only passable during lowtide, happened in the afternoon and before the sun sets. I can't remember exactly the place to stop over to go there but as far as I can remember, we took a ride to go to an end place and when we walk, the last stop was Shangrila. So, to remember everything, we will start at Shangri La. Go…more

Tranquil Pasir Ris

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Standard Post with ImageIf you need a place to relax, chill or think, go to Pasir Ris Town Park and after watching those people catching fish, walk ahead to Pasir Ris Park. Saturday, aside from weekdays, is the best day to go since there's not much people around. Pasir Ris station is in green line, and you have to go out in Exit A. Walk all the way until you see the stop light and cross the road. From there, you will see Pasir Ris Town Park signboard. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"] Pasir Ris Town Park[/caption] What to expect inside: 1.  Fish pond. If…more

Adventure Cove, Sentosa

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Standard Post with ImageAs part of Jill's birthday (our housemate), we bought a ticket at Lucky Plaza for Adventure Cove for only SGD26 per person.  When you are going to buy the ticket inside the park, it will costs you SGD29 per person.  You cannot bring food inside as per in the condition but some people were able to bring foods.  And some didn't able to make it because there's a guard before you will go in who will check your bag.  We didn't take the risk so we went there without food.  The good thing is that, there's a restaurant and the…more

Henderson Wave

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Standard Post with ImageAlight in Telok Blangah MRT, cross the overpass and go straight to your right side when you are facing the HDBs. If you are going to take a bus, (kindly check the information as I did not check what bus number you are going to take because we walk from bus stop to the foot of the park), there are only two bus stops away and you can see the bridge of Henderson. Go up and from there you can explore the park. Henderson wave is also good to look at night because of the led light.  We will go…more

Marina Bay Sands

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Standard Post with ImageMarina Bay Sands is located at Bayfront Avenue. If you are taking an MRT, alight at Esplanade or you can go out in City Hall MRT, walk via Citylink Mall (where you can do shopping) and follow the arrow that leads you out to Esplanade Mall. Marina Bay Sands at night: From Marina Bay, you can walk to Clark Quay for about 15-20 minutes beside the river. Walk and explore the place! Robinson's Quay at night:more

Pulau Ubin

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Standard Post with ImagePulau Ubin is a small island located in the north-eastern corner of mainland Singapore and is shaped like a boomerang. If you are tired of listening the sound of the city, go and have fun in Pulau. You can reach there by taking a ferry in Tanah Merah. The ferry fare is only $2.50. You can also relax in Celestial Hotel. For fun, hire a one day bicycle and please follow the signs to avoid accident. If the sign say dismount your bike, you have to dismount. The road in Pulau is rough but there is also a part which…more