How to get Drunk in Seoul

Notes by yeyette on Monday, August 29th, 2016 under Seoul

Standard Post with ImageLove alcohol? Don't worry, Seoul has got you covered! Koreans love to drink and what I learned from them was that, mix Soju with beer and put a spoon or chopstick inside the glass forcefully to make a bubble. Drink the whole shot and tap the shot glass upside down on top of your head to make sure you drank the whole thing. Crazy huh, but nope, I did not do that. For me, that's for the game of the drunkards. So, here's how to get drunk in Seoul, South Korea. 1. Looking for alcohol in the morning and yet…more

Chuseok Day, Bringing Families Together

Notes by yeyette on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 under Seoul

Standard Post with ImageWe woke up early on the Chuseok Day to cook for the holiday. Mostly, they cook everything fried and prepared some fruits and beers. Fried mushroom with egg. Sesame leaves with minced pork inside and dip in egg. Beer time! This Max Beer is creamy! Prayer table. Park my car please! After the ceremony, we went to Insa-Dong again to buy some presents and try some street foods. You can have a drink on the road anyday, anytime! Wood products. We went to Ssamzigil, South Korea's famous market but unfortunately, it was closed due to the holiday. Minnie with the…more

Chuseok Day, Most Important Holiday in Korea

Notes by yeyette on Monday, August 15th, 2016 under Seoul

Standard Post with ImageChuseok Day is the most important holiday in Korea where families gather together. It's like a Christmas day for the Christian world. Families cook food together, eating together and laughing together. We are lucky to be the guest of Lucia's family. But before we do the household chores, Lucia's mom brought us for a short hike to one of their mountain. I wanted to choose the longer hike but the three of them (except me and Lucia's mom) wanted the shorter hike. And majority wins! Going up the mountain! Checking the map: Lucia's mom wanted to take the longer route but…more

Why You Need to Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

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Standard Post with ImageAdmit it, it's already 2016 and all the old memories are gone, lost or preserved. There is no time travel machine exist (if it exist, I will gladly try it and visit the past) and experience it myself including Game of Thrones and meet John Snow, haha. Kidding aside, you can relieve memories by visiting the place where every country, at least, preserved it. Like in Korea, you will see tall buildings everywhere, but in the middle of that place, there is this village called Bukchon. They preserved the old houses and rich people stayed there. And, good news to…more

Nami Nara, A Place for Lovers

Notes by yeyette on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 under Seoul, South Korea

Standard Post with ImageIf you are a Korean drama addict, I'm sure you will remember the famous "Winter Sonata" released last 2002. I admit, I have a crush on Bae Yong-joon :D. The second drama that I watched was "Lovers in Paris." I will recommend these two drama series to watch. I hope it will still be available online. Just search it anyway. And before we leave for Nami Island, here is the morning photo of Lucia's place. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Lovely, isn't it?[/caption] Lucia's mother's restaurant helper cooked a fish with kimchi and it was heaven! Saw this doggy outside the…more

All Things Cute in Seoul

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Standard Post with ImageAnd so, my ex-colleague wants to go back to Korea and asked me and our other colleague wants to go with her. Our answer? Of course! And so the journey begins. Round trip ticket was only SGD500 via Vietnam Airlines. Visa was in gratis and was approved after 3 days for a travel of one month. Korean embassy in Singapore is in Newton. Finally arrived in Korea. Airport in Korea is big, but Singapore is still the best for me. Waiting for her mom to fetch us. And you can also rent a sim card from the airport. Just top it…more