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When we arrived at the port, I asked a guy how to go to Carmen to see the Chocolate Hills. (The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation in Bohol Province, Philippines.  There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name). Courtesy from Wikipedia.

He told me to just take a motorcycle going to the terminal. The fare from the port to the terminal is only Php7 (USD0.16). There were conductors asking you for your destination and they will guide you. The van fare from Tubigon to Carmen market is Php80 (USD1.80). When the passenger knows that I’m one of the seajet passenger, they were asking regarding the waves and all the happening of the journey. Their trip was cancelled from Tubigon to Cebu. I politely answered them all and in return, they answer my question how to go to Chocolate Hills.

The travel time from Tubigon to Carmen market was only around 20 minutes. I bought a bread when we reached at the market. It was already 3PM and I was so hungry. I asked one passenger who also alighted, how to go to Chocolate Hills. He told me to either take a jeepney or a motorcycle. If you will take a jeepney (which is a cheaper option), the driver will just drop you at the foot of the hill while if you take a motorcycle (a bit expensive but affordable), the driver will wait for you and can take you anywhere you want (but you have to negotiate with the driver first). As per my conversation with one of the motorcycle driver, he will be charging me up to the Chocolate Hills for Php50 (USD1.15), one way.

There are two ways to see the Chocolate Hills. One is at Carmen Chocolate Hills Complex while the other one is in CHAP (Chocolate Hills Adventure Park). I asked the driver if we can go both of the hills and he suggested that we have to go to CHAP first.

CHAP reception:

There is an entrance fee of Php60 (USD1.35) in CHAP.

Adventure in CHAP:

Tree top adventure. They have 2 kinds of tree top adventure. One is The Snake Ladder which costs Php200 (USD4.50) and the other is The Pentagon which costs Php350 (USD7.85)

Their mini-zoo:

albino snake at Bohol

house snake

the green snake

Before you can go up to the top, you have to climb to a 248 steps.

Photos taken along the way:

Jing’s house

Cafe on top of the hill:

cafe at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Chocolate Hills overlooking the cafe:

I did enjoy the fresh air!

Carmen Chocolate Hills from afar

The Bike Zip. The cost of this bike zip is Php400 (USD8.95). I didn’t dare to ride because of the strong wind. I can even hear the whooshing wind and the staff that are normally just stayed on top went down.

CHAP staff looking at the bike zip tower

Photo courtesy from CHAP facebook link.

bike zip

Enjoying the view and the fresh air:

Chocalate Hills overlooking on top of the park:

If you are from Tagbilaran, travel time will be around one hour and 15 minutes (no stops). CHAP is located at Brgy. Buenos Aires (I thought I was in Brazil when I saw the road sign), Carmen, Bohol. The park is open daily from 8:30AM to 5:30PM including public holidays. For more information, you can email them at and You can also call them at +639326677098.



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