Chuseok Day, Most Important Holiday in Korea

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Chuseok Day is the most important holiday in Korea where families gather together. It’s like a Christmas day for the Christian world. Families cook food together, eating together and laughing together. We are lucky to be the guest of Lucia’s family.

But before we do the household chores, Lucia’s mom brought us for a short hike to one of their mountain. I wanted to choose the longer hike but the three of them (except me and Lucia’s mom) wanted the shorter hike. And majority wins!

Going up the mountain!

Checking the map:

Lucia’s mom wanted to take the longer route but her two children disagree. Arg!

You can see wildflowers along the way.

The dog is excited to see me!

Sesame seeds plantation. It looks like a grass.

Heading to Eubongsan Mineral Spring.

This place looks like where Edward and Bella shoot the Twilight. Pine trees everywhere!

To the jungle!

The mineral spring. I was expecting at least a good volume of water but… it’s fine. The water taste fresh as always. And it’s cold, too!

Eubongsan Mineral Spring Water

Into the woods!

Hello beautiful!

Pine fruit.

Our food trail, a huge pear! It’s sweet, juicy and big! I love it.

Overlooking the area.

The parasite.

Our guide 😀

The trail sign.

Chestnuts! And we ate it fresh and raw!


Soldier’s hideout.

Christmas tree, literally.

Christmas tree plant

The 6 feet under the ground.

When they are tired and you wanted more.

Nope, it’s not water inside the cup, it’s Soju. Socials never be forgotten.


The family 🙂

Going down the hill is a vegetable garden.


The processing of dried chili.

dried chili

dried chili

Chrysanthemum just beside the road. Lovely!

This is how they segregate their rubbish in South Korea. People are so disciplined that they will throw which is which in a container.

101, 102, 103…

An improvised roof.

After the hike, we went directly to the market to buy something to cook for the holiday.

Seafoods at its best!

Octopus garden.

Dried fish.

dried fish

And fresh fruits, too!

These made me think of becoming a vegetarian, seriously. Or at least minimize of eating meat.

Ginseng in South Korea is very popular. They have the best ginseng in the world. I don’t like the smell though.

I love Korean side dishes especially Kimchi!

Korean side dishes

They have an organized market.

This area is where you can buy imported goods from anywhere in the world.


On the spot kimchi making. Happy Auntie!

Fresh! Nam nam!


Roaming around the area after buying what we need inside the market.

And we went inside this coffee shop called Carpe Diem.

Nope, we don’t have fun. We had a lot of fun!

To the exit please!

Minnie and Mickey!

Can I borrow your doggy for a while please?

Ahhmmmm… hello?

You, sexy thing!

And we had an advance Chuseok celebration in Lucia’s Aunt’s place. Oh, I love Samgyeopsal. Wait, did I just said that I want to become a vegetarian? Uhm, nope, just minimize the meat.


This is how we eat in Korea.

Happy Chuseok everyone!

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