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Dahilayan Adventure Park is located in Camp Phillips Bukidnon, just a 2 hour ride from Cagayan de Oro City, that is, if you have your own car or by taxi.  Riding a jeepney is not difficult but it is time consuming.  If you are from the other side of the world or outside Cagayan de Oro City and you will land in Lumbia Airport, just take a taxi going to the city.  But beware of the taxi driver who will charge you a neck-high fare so do bargain them well.  Taxi fare from Lumbia airport to the city is about Php300.00 (USD7.00) per ride not per person.  If you have booked to a hotel, much better if you can negotiate the hotel for an airport transfer.  (PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THE AIRPORT HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO LAGUINDINGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.  There are vans outside the airport to take you to the city proper).

From the city proper, go hop in a jeepney going to Gusa Terminal and the fare will cost you around Php50.00 (USD1.50) and the first flight, oppsss, travel is 6:30 in the morning.  But, be also aware that even if the jeepney is not full, it will go but it will stop in Puerto market to take passengers until it will be full and they will squeeze you like sardines.  If you are not sure where Camp Phillips is, set beside the driver or tell the barker that you will alight in Camp Phillips.  But don’t worry, jeepneys will always stop in Camp Phillips and the barker will shout, “Oh, kinsa tong manaog sa Camp Phillips, diri ra ta! (Oh, those who will alight in Camp Phillips, we are already here!).”  But to be sure, tell them beforehand.

If you haven’t hire a van going to Dahilayan, there were taxis waiting for you to take there.  I am not sure how much they will charge but do a bargain.  It won’t be far from there.  If you cannot find a taxi, there are also motorcycles ready to take you to your destination.  It will take only 20-30 minutes ride and the road is rough and muddy sometimes, depend on the weather.  The best month to go there is summer from March to May.  Along the road, you can see Del Monte Pineapple Plantation, go and take a picture with the plantation.  Just ask your driver to stop for a while and let him take your picture and wear a big smile.

Inside the park, you will feel the adventure environment.  They have Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline.  The cost of the 3 zipline ride is only Php600.00 (USD14.00).  It has two 840m with a drop of 100 meters and zooms through rainforest canopy at 60-80kph and land with their special arresting gear system.  You can fly like a bird or superman but listen to the instruction of the staff.

They also have ATV, wall climbing, zorbing and trampoline jump.  If you get hungry, they have restaurant to cater your hunger but if you have time to pack up your food, you can also bring it and settle in the pine tree park inside The Forest Park.  Bring your children in this enchanting park and even the adult will feel like a child.  The entrance fee is only Php50.00 (USD1.50). Go and enjoy yourselves!

Please note that price is the current rate.  It may change without prior notice as well as the exchange rate.  So, if you want to budget down your money, there are lots of agencies that will love to give you their quotation online.


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