Day 10: Home sweet Home (March 4, 2012)

Notes by traveldiary007 on Thursday, April 5th, 2012 under Ten-days of traveling alone (Malaysia and Thailand)
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I booked a joint van at the travel and tours beside the hotel to take me to the airport. It costs me THB180 (USD5.90). My flight going back to Singapore was 10AM but the schedule of the van to fetch me from the hotel was 7AM because they are still going to some hotel to fetch some passengers too.

At 8:30AM we are already in the highway and the driver was driving fast that the van was almost flying. The couple who sat beside the driver murmured something. I was sitting in the middle of the van. The husband who sat beside the driver told him to slow down but then the driver did not listen and never pay attention to the man. The man said we don’t want to die and we are not in hurry because it is still a bit early so slow down but still, the driver did not pay attention to him. The man got irritated that he shouted at the ear of the driver in broken words. “D-id you he-ar me! I said s-l-o-w down!” To my amazement, yes, I was amaze by the calmness of the driver, he only looked at the man and continue driving like we are going to hell. Then the man burst out and said: “F—k you!” That was the time that I was scared. I was scared with the possibility what the driver will do. We are not in our country, we are in his country. Then the driver took out his hand over the steering wheel and unfastened his seat belt and said in an angry voice (and imagine that the van was still running and his hand was not in the steering wheel anymore), “What did you say?”  Asked the driver’s voice.

I was glad that the man beside me talks to the driver and he said to relax. He also said to the man to calm down because the driver is only trying to take us to the airport on time. And he even said that the driver is doing his best and he is a good driver. The driver then slows down a bit and we arrive in the airport safely on time. I read in the reviews over the internet that the driver will really drive fast because they still need to take other passengers to the airport and it’s their way of living. The more passengers they can take to the airport, the higher commission they can get.

So, that was my ten day adventure of traveling alone.  My friends asked me, “Would you do it again?”  My answer?  ABSOLUTELY!

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