Day 2: Perth City Proper

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The hotel has a free shuttle bus to the city proper but not in the airport. The driver sent us to the city at 11AM. While in the highway, I asked one of the hotel guests how much he paid for the taxi from the airport to the hotel. He said that he has a friend who fetch him so I asked the driver how much is the fare. He asked me back how much we paid. I told him the amount and he said it was fair enough. The normal price is 50 to 60AUD. Wow! I never thought that it was that expensive.

The driver dropped us at Wellington Exchange. He told us to take bus no. 400 going back to the hotel.  And the fare is around 4.20AUD.  I said to Jill, “Jill, did I heard it right?  That the fare is 4AUD?”  She just said “Yes”.

Wellington Exchange

Waiting for the right man, oppsss, the correct bus.

Jill thought that this is a height measurement, hehehe.

The free bus. Yes, they have free transportation going to certain places.  They called it, yellow, blue, and green cat.  We are enjoying hoping in and out of the free bus.

The intersection:

Love her hair:

Perth Underground:

Jill calling her love:

The coffee addict:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia:

A cool wall around Perth:

Yes, even on their roof:

The hotel driver recommended “Shang” as what Jill wrote down to take our lunch. We asked in the information where to find that restaurant and the lady didn’t know it. Then she realized that it’s Shag, not Shang and she said that it’s a pub. She said that we can still go there, go all the way to Barrack Street until we can see the jetty. The Shag is there.

We walked all the way as what the lady told us. There we saw the Bell Tower.

The love chain at bell tower:

The Shag was further down. We are already hungry and I have no mood to take pictures. We found the Shag and it was really a bar so we look for a restaurant. We saw Shun Fung Chinese Restaurant and the other restaurant which I forgot the name. We decided to eat in Shun Fung and only one waiter understands the English well. They have a quite expensive menu so Jill ask if there’s a menu which we can share. She suggested the banquet menu which is good for 2 persons. What we did not notice and she didn’t explain is that it is a minimum of 2 person and 48AUD per person. The menu consists of seafood fried rice, caramelized chicken, pork, 2 dumplings, 2 spring roll, 2 fried prawn, ice cream and tea. Tea has an additional of 2AUD per person.

We paid 52AUD as what the amount of the bill shows us. I stood up and went outside because she went to the toilet. She meet me at the doorway and we are ready to go when the Supervisor called us and she told us to wait for a while. She went to the cashier section and took a bill and asked us to pay another 48 AUD. We wonder why and we told her that we already paid 52AUD. Then she took the menu and explained to us that what we took was a banquet menu, a minimum of 2 person and a price of 48AUD PER PERSON. Jill tried to explain that we asked the suggestion of the waitress without her explaining the price and us without reading it. But then it’s also our fault that we did not read the menu and the waitress fault as well because she did not tell us the price. Part of a good service is to explain everything. We don’t want to argue that much so we paid an additional of 48AUD. We were silent for a while while walking then we both said, “we had ripped off”.

While walking, we saw a wishing well.  Wonder what she wished.

We went down and walk a while, Jill silent and I forgot to take a picture of the port. Then we saw a line of tour guides and decided to take a look. We saw the Pinnacle tour and decided to book a one day adventure that costs 215AUD per person.  Tuesday was fully-booked so we are scheduled on Wednesday tour and the guide will fetch us at the hotel at 7AM.

After we booked for our tour, we went to Kings Park which is near Barrack Port.  No, it’s not near for Aussie’s.  The receptionist told us that we need to walk for 15 minutes while you can just ride for 5 minutes.  We told her that we decided to take a walk so that we can sight-seeing and she said, “Oh, but it’s a bit far”.  Well, 15 minutes is not far for us 😉

Kings Park is a big greenery park, that’s all.  But we heard that it’s beautiful on October and November because the flowers will blossom.

She requested that I will take a silhouette of hers under the tunnel while there’s no people around, hahaha.

Enjoying her book for a while:

After at Kings Park, we waited for the blue cat bus to take us back to the city.  The malls will closed at 5:00PM just like the office hours and the sky will gets dark at around 6:30PM.

Another cool wall going to Wellington Exchange terminal:

Wellington Exchange terminal at night (around 7:00PM)

The bus going back to our hotel costs us again 4.20AUD per person.


Oh yes we are!

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