Day 4: Whole Day Pinnacle Tour

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The receptionist told us that the manager will fetch us from our hotel at exactly 7:10AM.  We woke up at 6:30 and I took the shower first while Jill sipping a cup of coffee.  We went down at 7:25 (we were 10 minutes late) and the manager was waiting downstairs, calling somebody over the phone.  We apologised that we were late and she said it’s okay, but then the normal time will be 10 minutes earlier, not 10 minutes late.  I want to laugh but Jill kept silent, long faced, hahahaha.

She send us to the jetty because all the tour bus was there, fetching and waiting some of the tourists.  At exactly 8:00AM, we head down to the city going to the tour.  While traveling, Jill talk and talk while I listen and listen until she gets tired of talking and I am tired of listening, hahaha.  She took her handphone and listen to the music.  I also want to listen when I cannot find my phone.  I asked Jill if she happens to see me holding my phone.  But I remember that I hold it in the hotel.  I was thinking that I left it and she suggested that I can tell the driver to call the manager.  I said that I will tell him once we arrive to our destination.

The below are the tour highlights in particular order:

Caversham Wildlife Park: Featuring over 200 species of animals in a walk-through environment, this park is a must visit in Western Australia.  Animals include friendly koalas, wombats and numerous kangaroos.

It was our first time to see and touch the kangaroo.  They are very friendly, lazy and cute.  The guide gives us food to feed the kangaroos.

Jill scared to go near the kangaroo.  She called the kangaroo, “Come on baby, eat this one!”, while I was laughing holding my camera.

Kangaroo joey:

The way to different way: 🙂

The wombat:  So gentle and so soft… Softer than my teddy bear.

Found this bird on our way to the Koalas:

The super cute Koalas:

Cervantes and the Lobster Shack: A tour of a live lobster processing plant.  A video presentation gives you an insight into this marvellous industry.  Follow on through to the factory overhead walkway where you stand directly above 20 tons of live rock lobster.  Enjoy the audio guide and travel through at your own pace.  We stop for lunch at the Lobster Shack.  Cervantes is a laid back fishing town north of Perth.

Inside the lobster factory:

I will go all of this places some day:

Nambung National Park and Pinnacles Desert: Covering 17,491 hectares, the Nambung National Park is home to Western Australia’s renowned Pinnacles Desert.  Take a stroll through this eerie desert, among the iconic Pinnacles believed to have been created millions of years ago when seashells were broken down into sand and then eroded by water and wind.

Lancelin:  Thrill to the adventure of 4WD-ing over massive white sand dunes, the biggest in Western Australia.  For those wanting more adventure, your adrenalin will be pumping as you sand board down these massive dunes.  Spanning 2 kilometers long, you will be in awe of the sheer size of these dunes.

While the driver show his skills in driving in the sand, the rain suddenly pours so he have to stop and fetch us down:


Jill really enjoying it:

After these tours?  I wasn’t able to tell the driver regarding my phone because of excitement.  We reached home tired and contented with the tour.  I called the tour agency but nobody pick-up the phone anymore.  Maybe because it’s already 8PM.  Yes, 8PM and the city is already asleep.

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