Day 5: Perth City, again.

Notes by traveldiary007 on Sunday, October 27th, 2013 under Perth
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I immediately called the tour agency when I woke up and they told me that they will check the car.  The receptionist called me back at the hotel and asked some information regarding my phone.  Like what type of phone and the color.  Of course I was able to answer and she smiled over the phone and said, “That’s an easy one.”   She told me that I can pick it up anytime.  So Jill and I decided to go back there (of course), and walk around.  We also decided to visit the Church.

My future wardrobe:

The Jetty:

The restaurant just in front of the Chinese restaurant that were having lunch:

We walked around every corner of the city and the below pictures are what we found:

London-inspired street:

Saint George’s Cathedral:

The Church of Scientology (remember Tom Cruise?):

We saw a second hand clothing store and went inside.  We were able to bought a few and it was a good deal:

The end of the day…

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