Day 9: Elephant Trekking with Mountain View and Bangla Road (March 3, 2012)

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I took the Elephant trekking and it costs me THB1,450 (USD47.56).  They fetch me in the hotel by jeep safari.  There was a show for a few minutes for the baby elephants and you can feed them by buying fruit in a basket for THB100 (USD3.28).

They also let the elephant draw by guiding the trunk of the elephant to draw letter M and eventually, the elephant will continue to do the drawing.

drawing elephant

After the show, we will wait for the mammoth elephant to trek us to the mountain for 45 minutes.  I took some picture while waiting for the mammoth.

The mammoths are coming.

Facing the mammoth:

Mountain view during the trek:

Big Buddha:

Taking a picture with my mammoth and the driver.

After the trek, they brought us back to our respective hotel.  I ordered shrimp and vegetable tempura for lunch in the hotel and that costs me THB160 including pepsi (USD5.25).

vegetable and shrimp tempura

After I took my lunch, I took a nap and at around 5PM, I went to the beach to find a place who can do a hair braid.  I approached one old lady and ask where I can do my hair braid.  She said she can do it but I should be there at an earlier time because it will take her for 2 hours to braid my hair.  Then she told me she can bring me to a saloon.  She was so nice that she brought me there and even negotiated with the lady inside, which I am not sure if she has a commission.  They ask me THB1000 but I deal with THB700 (USD22.96).

It was finished at 7PM and sadly I wasn’t able to take the sunset in Patong Beach.  I only took when the sun was already or almost gone.

At around 11PM, I and my new-found Thai and Filipino friend who works in a Spa near the hotel went out.  They brought me to Bangla Road which is only 10 minutes walk from the hotel.  This is what you can see in Bangla road.

They will closed the road at night for the party.  It is where most lively at night.  You can see everything from hot ladies to hot lady-boys.

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