Divine Mercy Shrine

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After getting around at Birhen sa Moog, I told my brother to go to Divine Mercy at El Salvador.

My last visit of this place was 2008, around March or April and this is the place where I asked that I can go abroad and find a job. And so I did on October 2008 and found a job on the 9th day of stay in Singapore, just before the recession happens.

Way back, the place was just started to open to the public. The workers are still doing with the shrine. Now, everything is finished and it is the most beautiful and calm place in Misamis Oriental.

There is no passenger jeepney going to the Shrine. You must have your own car or walk for around 20 minutes. But I saw motorcycles by the road, I think they can take you there but I am not sure how much is the fare. From the city, you can take a jeepney to Bulua terminal then transfer another jeepney to El Salvador or Opol and just ask the driver or conductor to stop you at the Divine Mercy Shrine. Fare is around Php22 (if I am not mistaken) (USD0.50). You have to remind them once in a while because they may forget to stop you.

200 steps before you can reach the top.

You have to go up the stairs before you can reach the Shrine.

My brother likes the tree

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Church. It symbolizes the thorn on Jesus’ head.

Divine Mercy Church

Inside the Church.

Divine Mercy Church, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.

The 50-foot Divine Mercy Statue. It is so far the tallest Divine Mercy Statue in the world.

Divine Mercy Shrine

Women are not allowed to go on top if you are not wearing a skirt. But don’t worry, there is a small stall near the entrance (right side when you are facing the statue) to lend you a textile (you can just give a donation).

Enjoying the view.

Orientation before going up. It’s only a 15 minutes orientation, and in English. There are no foreigners at this moment but they still practice the English orientation, which is good. People in different walks of life will come over to experience the solemnity of the place.

Guidelines in going to the Heart of Jesus (Divine Mercy Shrine). Yes, you can climb on top of it but be sure to follow the guidelines. Camera and cellphone (mobile phone) is not allowed. Better leave it with your bag in the designated area. There are guards to check if you bring a camera and phone and they won’t allow you to come up. My brother have to run back to leave his phone in our bag. 🙂

Please follow the guidelines.

The Shrine:

There is no place like home.

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