Exploring Bako National Park

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We arranged a tour at a hotel to go to Bako National Park. My friend made the arrangement and I cannot remember the price.

Waiting for our boat and guide.

Our boat going to Bako.

After some rough ride, we reached Bako. It was only about 30 minutes boat ride.

Bako consists of coastal cliffs and rolling hills, and boasts fine sandy beaches surrounded by jungle. Coastal erosion has produced interesting sea stacks and rock formations.


Spotted a wild boar roaming around.

Bako National Park trail map

Bako National Park trail map

And there are a lot of monkeys along the way.

Mission very possible!

Mission very possible!

Getting a rest

Getting a rest

And I can’t help taking a photo of this child. She’s so lovely!

The fern parasite.

A grass snake can be seen if you are just mindful of the surrounding.

Proboscis or long nosed monkey can be seen around the area. They are highly endangered and if you’ve seen one, you are lucky.

Proboscis monkey can be seen around the area but they are rare.

Proboscis monkey can be seen around the area but they are rare. Locals call this monkey a “hot pepper Archie”, because of its red pepper penis looks.

An alpha male macaque monkey shows its dominance. The beta male monkey, mother and infant will wait if the alpha male will give them food.

The mother monkey protecting her infant.

Her mom won’t let her/him play and so she/he hug her. Sweet little one!

mother and infant monkey

The alpha male macaque monkey doesn’t care if his “wife” and child already eat. Mother and infant should wait for him to give them food.

One legged crab or also known as “horseshoe crab” can be found in Sarawak.

one legged crab

Dead mangroves.

Blue color one legged crab. It shines when it walks.

We took the Teluk Pandar Besar trail which is only 1.9km, an hour climbing and we’ve seen some flora and fauna along the way.




Beehive or termite nest. I don’t know. Probably a termite nest.



Up, up we go! The big roots and the big stone makes me excited!

After an hour, we descend to the Sea Stack where you can find different formation of stones.

A stone shaped into an animal face side view.

I survived!

Me and Natasha, my lovely roommate and travel buddy.

Then, instead of going back to the trail (which is the only way), we took a boat to the other side to see some stone formation. The current was so strong that I want to go back to the shore.

The most zoom my camera could do. These couple was on top of a flat rock as seen from the boat. I didn’t notice it at first until I zoom the camera. It’s another trail which the guide told me it’s a 3hr walk.

Going back to the basecamp, this wild boar seen roaming around. Though they are wild, they won’t do any harm as long as you won’t harm them.

A wild mushroom seen on a durian tree. Nope, it’s not the wild mushroom that you are thinking about :). I also want to see one of those. How it looks like.

And guess what is this? Yes, a sloth with a baby on its belly! It really climbs soooo slow. Just like the movie. But Sid from ice age is quite fast, haha. In reality, very very slow.

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