Exploring Sarawak Village

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The best thing to do when visiting a certain country is to know their culture. We visited Sarawak Cultural Village for a minimal entrance fee without a guide. You can choose with or without tourguide. Better choose with a tourguide. Entrance is around RM60.00

The entrance

See how lovely the place is?

An old, bamboo bridge.

Bidayuh Longhouse

Bidayuh Longhouse

An Aunty selling sweets inside one of the house.

You can wear their costume for a rental fee of RM15.00


Curtains made of rope fabric.

A unique ceiling lamp.

Abandoned theatre.

We walked along the way and we heard streams. I asked my friend to go and check and this was what we found.

Small falls

The place was so serene that only the two of us are there, enjoying the serenity of the environment.

Yup, they have a tea garden in this area but no one’s there. It was closed.

Beautiful flower

Long house

The lone Christmas tree.

And you can try their local alcohol. Taste like vodka.

View over the long house.

Sand stone carve.

sand stone carve sarawak

Sword making shed.

Tall house.

Handsome tattoo or hand, some tattoo?

Have some tattoo

The best house in the village.

Antique items inside a Chinese Farm House.

Hanging crib

Hanging crib

The highlight of the tour is the presentation from different tradition.

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