February 11 – Full day Adventure Tour

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I booked in the hotel for an adventure tour the day before.  It was the C.S. Travel & Tours.  The tour consists of Gunung Brinchang (6,666 feet above sea level), mossy forest, water fall, jungle trekking, tea plantation & factory, aboriginal resettlement (Orang Asli village), blowpipe demonstration, and butterfly farm in the amount of RM80.00 (around USD26.00) for adult and RM60.00 (around USD20.00) for children.  The tour will start at 8:45AM and I was waiting for 30 minutes before the tour guide arrived.  He fetch another tourist in another hotel.

We went to Boh Teh plantation first and the guide explained about the tea and its owner while I was busy taking pictures.  We stayed here for 45 minutes but the driver won’t allow us to go down the plantation because he said we don’t have enough time.  We just stayed above, taking pictures around and we went inside the factory but it was closed for operation due to holiday but still we can go in to see the machines.  They have a tea shop where you can relax for a while and they have the best tea I have ever tasted.  It was the Palas Tea which I ordered and I finished the three cups of tea which I only paid RM10 (USD3.25) with carrot cake.


A time to play:

Factory on how to process the tea:

The factory will be closed every Monday and Public Holiday.  You can go inside even though it is closed but you cannot see how to process the tea.  You can just see the machines for the processing.

This is what you can see in the tea cafe just in-front of the factory:

After at the Boh Teh plantation, we went to mossy forest for a trek.  If you happen to see a leaflets with the above description, mossy forest and jungle trek are the same.  You have to trek inside the mossy forest which is inside the jungle.  Okay, whatever.  We were very lucky that our guide, Subramaniam or Maniam or Manny for short let us walk inside the jungle.  Some tour guides let the tourist walk in the boardwalk which was boring.  He did not send us to the boardwalk, instead, he parked the  van on the other side and we walked to start our trek.  So if you want to experience to walk inside the mossy forest, asked for a guide who will let you walk inside or I will recommend this travel tour and ask for Manny’s schedule.

The walk through the mossy forest:

We saw a monkey flower cup pitcher  in the forest.

My co-tours from Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands:

Foggy and mossy forest:

After the mossy forest trekking, Manny send us to Gunung Brinchang but we didn’t see anything as it was still foggy.  The tower was surrounded by fogs so he send us to the next tour which is the butterfly farm.  By the way, we ask him what time is he going to bring us to waterfalls but he said there was no waterfalls anymore.  The travel company should delete the waterfall tour as to not confuse with the tourists.

I was expecting different kinds of butterfly as to what the name says, butterfly farm.

The entrance of the butterfly farm:

The walking stick:

It isn’t a leaf:

The only kind of butterfly inside the “butterfly” farm:

The rest of the “things” you’ll find inside:


They have different kinds of snakes rather than butterflies:

I was a bit disappointed in the butterfly farm because I was expecting a lot and different kinds of BUTTERFLIES, not “SNAKES”.

After we went to butterfly farm, Manny brought us to Tanah Rata for lunch and he collected RM3.00 each of us to buy sweets for the Orang Asli children.  He then left us and changed the van into a Land Rover which I was happily and excitedly sit in front since I am the only lady left.  The family of three did not go with us.

The Orang Asli (Malaysia’s aborigines) village:

Below is how the Orang Asli hunt for their food before but it still exists until today.  I saw a motorcycle brought the bamboo and Manny told us that they went for hunting.  It is a long but very light bamboo and they put a stick with poison which paralyzed the animal in a few seconds and three minutes for human being.

The hunter and a child with his slingshot.

The Orang Asli children:

This cute little angels were queuing for the sweets:

I don’t know if the candy is sweet or sour, hehe.

After the tour, he send us back to our respective hotels.  But on our way, Manny told me that there’s a small water falls near the hotel that I stayed.  He said that I just walk on the right side of the hotel.  Curiosity creeps my body and I told him that I will check.  True, there was a signage going to Parit Falls.  I walked through the narrow pathway and I was a bit scared because it was a jungle place except on the right side was a stream.  I walked around ten-minutes before I reached in the playground.  I searched for the said falls but I cannot find anything, only the stream.  I tried to follow where the stream came from but nothing.  I wonder how small it is.

The playground:

Flowers you can see around:

As I walked around, I saw a bridge which I don’t know where it leads.  There’s no sign where it will link.

I was thinking of going and check where it will go but then I saw the sign below and I don’t wanna go there yet, hahaha.




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