February 13 – Sad of leaving the place

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I don’t want to leave the place but I have to go back to Singapore to work.  I love the place. I really, really love the place. The surroundings, the friendly people, the cool weather, fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh air.  I love everything in there.  And the tea? Hmmmm… Love it!

My bus leaves in Equatorial Hotel at 10AM. I checked out at 9AM and asked the receptionist if they can call a taxi for me.  I asked how much is the taxi fare from the hotel to Equatorial and he said about RM20 (US9.00) and it takes around 30 minutes drive.  The driver brought me there in less than 30 minutes and I was amazed by the foggy place.  The hotel was surrounded by fogs and it just took my breath away.

Inside the hotel:

Outside the hotel:  This hotel is Naza Talyya which is just beside Equatorial Hotel.

Naza Talyya

Equatorial Hotel and beside is Naza Talyya:

I accidentally bumped Manny outside the hotel 😉

The bus was one hour late but then I am glad the place is good that you don’t have time to get angry.

You can watch a movie inside the bus because they have built-in mini tv and movies inside.

See you again, Cameron!

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