February 9~10 – Going to Kuala Lumpur

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The bus will leave at 10:30PM at Golden Mile Tower and it states in the booking information that I need to proceed to Golden Mile Complex first to check-in before departure.  I leave home at 8:45PM to get the ticket and I don’t want to wait in line that long.  I reached Nicoll Highway at 9:00PM.  Nicoll Highway is the nearest MRT to Golden Mile Tower.  When you go out to Nicoll Highway, go all the way to Beach Road and do not go straight to the bridge, go down, and do not cross the road.  Walk straight to your right side, just around 5 minutes and you can see buses outside the building.

I arrived in Golden Mile Complex and it has a lot of tour bus so I have to walk around to find StarMart Express Air Asia Liner Pte Ltd.  This is the name of the bus company that will bring me to KL.   When you are facing the building, walk to your left side, they have a red signage.  I approached the lady and give her my online booking then she told me to  go to Golden Mile Tower to claim my ticket there.  They should not confuse people regarding their online booking notice where to go.  I was a bit pissed off but what to do?

There was a small booth of StarMart Express outside the building, don’t go there because it was for their driver’s booth.  The lady told me to go inside and there was a long que.  When I reached at the reception, she told me to que again at 10:00PM, that is thirty minutes before the departure.  Glad that they have few chairs inside the office and I sat there to wait.  I noticed that they give bottled mineral water to the people claiming ticket.  It was a plus.  You’ve got water from your booking.

I was waiting the bus outside the building for 45 minutes.  It didn’t arrived on time as expected at 10:30PM.  We leave the place at 11:00PM but I didn’t worry because my bus leaves from KL to Cameron is at 8:30AM.  I was glad that the bus exits in Singapore at Jurong and there was a smooth flow and not much country-out-goer.  I expected that we will arrive in KL at 6:00AM because as far as I know, it will be a 6-7 hour bus drive.  But, I didn’t expect that we will arrived as early as 2:30AM.  When the driver shouts “Berjaya Times Square!”, I thought I was dreaming.  All the passengers went out and I was still groggy from the lack of sleep.

As I went down, I still asked one of the passengers if we are already in Berjaya Times Square and they said yes.  I was like, “Oh my, what am I going to do?”  I walked around and saw two security guards and asked him how to go to Puduraya Bus Terminal.   He stares at me from head to toe and shake his head and simultaneously said, “It’s very dangerous for you to go there at this hour.”  I know it from my heart that it will be dangerous so he said it’s either I will stay near him, just sit there or go to the 24-hour restaurant.  He said there’s a 24-hour restaurant, just go straight on my right then cross the road.  I decided to choose the latter but when I saw that the road was still dark, I went back and saw 7/11 just beside the Berjaya Times Hotel and Convention.

I went inside 7/11 and bought an instant noodle for RM2.00.  One of the sales-boy and his girlfriend sat outside the store and so I also sat, just a few feet away from them.  People passing by all looks at me and I didn’t care at all.  It was already 4:00AM and I cannot take it anymore.  I was really sleepy that I bow down my head and closed my eyes.  I think it was only a few minutes that I felt that somebody’s watching over me.  I looked-up and I saw the security guard of the hotel watching me and he smiled when I saw him.   He asked what am I doing there and I said I am waiting for the bus terminal to open.  He kindly said that I can go inside the  hotel and sit at the sofa.  I was so happy and felt so relieved but of course I did not sleep.  I was just sitting there, doing something on my phone just to kill the time.  Then at 6:00AM, I approached the guard if the terminal is already open.  He said he don’t know so he called the receptionist and I was so ashamed because I didn’t stayed there in the first place.  The receptionist told me that the terminal will open at 4:00AM and he even accompanied me to the taxi stand.

I told the driver to send me to Puduraya Bus Terminal and I asked him how much is the fare.  He said a fixed of RM15.00.  I told him that I just can walk because I don’t want to bargain then he said okay, RM10.00 so I grab it.  It was only around 10 minutes drive from the hotel.

When I reached the terminal, there were people sitting there waiting for their buses, some were even sleeping.  I felt so dumb I didn’t come earlier to sleep but at least I was safe inside the hotel.  The bus leaves at 9:00AM.  Everything is late and I wonder if I will arrive in Cameron at 12:00 noon or 1:00PM including the traffic and bus stops.  From KL to Cameron, the bus travel will be from 4 to 5 hours.  Excitement was all over me and while imagining the place, I fall asleep inside the bus.

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