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My flight from Singapore to Hong Kong was 4:20PM, Saturday.  I still worked half-day, went to City Hall to buy chewy junior instead of J.Co as requested of a friend.  I bought my ticket thru zuji (you can support this website by buying ticket in zuji thru my webpage) via Cathay Pacific for only S$258.00 including meals.  Big airplanes provide meals to their passengers.  I smiled when the dessert was a cup of Haagen Dazs ice cream which is one of my favourite.

The flight was 20 minutes late but we arrived exactly on the time stated in the ticket, which is 8:20PM.  There was not much tourist in the country and the officer was a bit strict.  Not smiling at all.  He asked me how many days will I stay in Hong Kong and I said I will only stay for 9 days.  He gave the normal 14 days stay.

I walked thru the airport express train counter and bought an octopus pass for my daily transportation.  Octopus pass price was HKD150 (USD20.00).  Airport express train counter is in the middle outside the train station itself.  It’s easy to spot the counter.  I was amazed because there was a free wifi inside the train going to Hong Kong station.  From airport, the end of the express train is Hong Kong station.  When we arrived at Hong Kong station, I tap-out my card and I didn’t notice how much it costs me.

I booked my hotel at Causeway Bay area, which is the Pandora After 80’s.  It’s a backpackers lodge and I booked the backpacker’s single room.  The hotel costs me HKD1,567 (USD202) from 8th March to 11th March.  From Hong Kong station, I need to transfer to Central station going to Causeway Bay station.  MTR or Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong is very different from MRT or Mass Rapid Transit in Singapore.  When you alight in Hong Kong Station, you have to go out to be able to hop-in the Central station.  When I tap-in, the machine signalled an error message that I cannot go in.  One MTR officer approached me and told me that I need to top-up my card.  I checked the balance and it was only HKD50.00 (USD6.45).  So the fare from the Airport station to Hong Kong station was HKD100.00 (USD13.00) for 24 minutes which is not bad at all rather than taking a taxi.

From Central Station, I alighted at Causeway Bay Station and exited to Exit A going to Gloucester Road as per the instruction of the MTR officer.  It was already 9:30PM and I was a bit tired.  It was also cold and what I’ve got was a normal jacket.  I kept on walking but I didn’t see any sign of the hotel.  As per hotel’s review, it’s only a few minutes walk from Causeway Bay MTR.  I asked every person how to go to the Cannon Road and some say they don’t know, some just totally ignores me.  So I asked the MTR officer how to go there and he gave me the Causeway Bay map, he encircled the road of the map and told me to go out exit A.  So there I was, pulling my heavy luggage (I did not intend to bring a luggage but our director told us to wear business suit), up to the escalator and smell the cold air.  I walked for about 10 minutes and still did not see any sign of the hotel.  I happened to pass a two young ladies and I asked them.  The other girl answered in broken English and gave me the direction how to go while the other girl snobbishly asked me if I know the Sogo Mall.  I said no because it’s my first time here in Hong Kong and she just said to asked any person there where is the Cannon Road.  It’s just very near Sogo Mall.  I thanked them and kept walking for about 20 minutes until I saw Sogo Mall.

It was almost 10PM or something then I saw the mall.  It was quiet big and the city was alive with young generations.  I asked one of the Auntie who’s selling clothes and she told me that I am already in the Cannon Road only she didn’t know the hotel that I am staying in.  I checked my map that it was in between Gloucester and Cannon Road so I kept walking until the end of the road but I didn’t see any backpacker named Pandora.  Pandora is literally hard to find, I thought.  I’ve got the exact address but I cannot find the hostel.  I stand in front of the building and walking while trying to find the name of the building.  Then I saw a door which people come and go and eureka! Hoi Tao Court is there!  I felt relieved and was glad that one of the lady opened the door for me.  I asked the Uncle who is in-charge where Pandora is and he said I need to go up to 11th floor.

The office was closed but there was a door bell ready for us.  The lady who answered told me to go down to 9th floor.  I am glad that it was cold and my head was frozen that it cannot react, haha.  So I follow the instruction and she gave me my key and the password of the door downstairs.  There’s a serve-yourself pantry which has coffee and filtered water.  She assisted me to my room and asked if I have a spare card.  She explained that they don’t have a spare card for the power and I can use anything even a paper that can be shaped to a card.  I smiled and gave her my gym card and the light goes on.

The room was very small and I didn’t take a picture of it because I was tired.  I just took a quick shower which at first I don’t know where to take because of the very small toilet with bathroom.  If you are going to sit on the bowl, you can take a shower as well, hahaha.

The room on the next day:  This is what you see when you open the door.

The room in Pandora After 80’s

The bed:

bed in Pandora After 80’s

The door.  The other door was the toilet with bathroom.

The toilet with bathroom:

There’s not even a table in the room so I have to put some of my things on the floor and my bag under the bed.  No closet, just a hook to hang your clothes.  Hong Kong is relatively expensive.  This backpacker was about SGD67 per night, which is the cheapest that I’ve got in Hong Kong in the city proper.

The entrance of the building courtesy from

pandora entrance


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