First Stay at Hotel UI Inn in Hulhumale and Malé once again

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It was already 9PM and I was exhausted for the half day tour in the city. Remember that I didn’t took a rest from my flight. I just drop off my things and went out. 9PM in Maldives and it’s 12 midnight in my body clock. Singapore is 3 hours ahead Maldives. I just took a shower and lay down.

Hotel UI Inn pictures:

They have a tidy living room outside the bedroom:

UI Hotel

I can say that the hotel is pretty clean yet there are mosquitoes at night so be sure to bring some mosquito repellant.

And found this amusing thing in the bathroom. Please read the bottle before you put it in your luggage, haha.

SHOWERGEL and SHAMPOO-FREE Amenities DO NOT take the bottles outside. $10 will be charged for the missing bottles.

I opened the bottle and checked what’s inside. They mixed it with water, I think the water is about 80% than the product. I didn’t use it by the way. I always bring my own small bottles for my body wash.

I was in the middle of my deep sleep when I heard the door of the other room slammed. Do you know that feeling when you are asleep and then suddenly you woke up because of something? You will shiver, right? That’s what I felt. It was very noisy. I’m not sure if there was a new guest or a check-out guest. It slammed for the third time and I heard the staff shouting here and there. I was thinking that if it will still slam, I will get up and tell them to shut-up. I was really pissed off. I know it’s still early for them but they should consider that some guests are coming from different countries with different time schedules. I’m glad that it became quiet after that third slamming and shouting.

I booked UI Hotel thru airbnb. Nasih, the owner was kind enough replying my email how to go to their hotel from the airport. It costs me for a night in the amount of USD38 with breakfast. I can say that it was a good hotel as for cleanliness but for the consideration who sleep early by Maldives time, I hope they will minimize the noise and do some consideration.

UI Hotel’s western breakfast:

They don’t have coffee on the buffet table, only juice. You have to call the waiter to serve you coffee. I called one of them and I finished almost all of my breakfast when there is no cup of coffee arrived. I called another staff asking where is my coffee. He came back smiling and put my cup of coffee on my table. I hope he didn’t put something in it, haha.

The hotel has 4 floors and there was no lift or elevator. So if you are pregnant or have kids or have difficulty climbing the stairs, email them first if they have available rooms in the first second floor. Their first floor a for restaurant. I think they will be happy to assist you.

I checked out at 10AM because I have to travel from Malé to Huraa (a local island in Kaafu Atoll) at 2:30PM (as per schedule). After checking out and everything, I went to the bus stop. Taxi from UI Hotel (their own taxi) to the airport will cost USD7. It is okay if you have a lot of luggage with you and kids. Public taxi seldom go to this place, it is normally in the center of Huraa to the port. So if you don’t have a lot of heavy luggage, I will advice to take a bus.

New school in Hulhumale. The name of the school is Rehindi (I’m not sure if I get the correct spelling).

The bus is located at Block 125. Cross the road from the hotel and walk all the way to your right. It will be around 3 to 5 minutes walk.

Hulhumale ferry terminal:

Hulhumale Ferry Terminal

Travelers waiting for the ferry to Malé.

Inside the ferry:

We arrived in Malé at 12noon. I walked around for a while to find some food. Then, there was this one guy who approached me and asked where will I go.  I told him I am waiting for the ferry to Huraa. As per the hotel, it will arrive in Jetty No. 4. He asked me if I already bought a souvenirs and I told him that I will only buy on my last day in Maldives. He gave me his calling card and he brought me to his shop. It was located in STO Trade Center on the 2nd floor. I went in and he showed me his work. He said he do the painting.

The name of his shop is Atoll Craft.

Atoll Craft

They will give a good discount, too.

I told him that I will come back on my last day in Maldives. He suggested that I can leave my bag if I want to roam around Malé. I was hungry and my bag was a bit heavy. I bought a blouse and leave my things while looking for a restaurant to eat. But of course, bring your valuable with you.

While walking around to look for a restaurant, I saw a place where there are a lot of people. I went inside and it was a marketplace.

I wanted to try this fruit but I don’t know how to eat it. Besides, I was hungry and thirsty and I want food. But this fruit looks good.

Puhala fruit

I went to Sultan Park because my friend pointed the Mary Brown’s the other day. Only I cannot find it now. Malé has a lot of small road. I saw one restaurant near the Atoll Craft shop but when I asked the waiter if it was spicy, he said it’s very spicy. I cannot take too much spicy. So I walked out and walk thru Sultan Park.

The entrance of Sultan Park. There is really nothing in this park. It is still hot even though there are trees and there are mosquitoes as well.

I saw two girls in the entrance of the park and I asked them where can I buy water. The younger girl opened her bag and hand me her bottle of water. I told her that I want to buy water. The older one said that it is okay, I can drink their water. I drank a quarter of it, straight. I can’t bear to drink it all. Then, the older girl told me, “You must be thirsty”. I said yes with a grin.

The younger girl.

The older one.

I chatted them for a while and they told me they are twins. They are 12 years old. They don’t have a class since it was a Saturday. I asked them where we can eat that is not that spicy and the older one said there is one restaurant near Sultan Park. The name of the restaurant is Koththu Hut, a Sri Lankan restaurant. When you go in the Sultan Park, walk thru the center and go out thru your left. It was only around 3 minutes walk from the park.

We all ordered tuna fried rice which costs MVR50 (USD3.25) per order. The food tastes good. It’s a lot that I cannot even finished it but I was amazed with the twins, they finished the whole serving, :).

The Grand Friday Mosque:

Grand Friday Mosque

Grand Friday Mosque schedule

Malé has a lot of motorcycle and they have a narrow highway.

Who wouldn’t love Maldives? It’s paradise.

I went back to Atoll Craft and took my bag. I went to Jetty No. 4 as per assigned at 1:30pm. I asked some guys if the ferry to Huraa will arrive there. One guy shouted to a man who looks like a captain based on his uniform and he said it will be between Jetty No. 2 and Jetty No. 4. I went to Jetty No. 2 and asked around. An old man told me that it will arrive at 3pm.

See how clean and clear the water is, this is only their port.

I just sit under a tree and pulled out the book of Robin Sharma’s “The Leader Who Had No Title“. It was so hot to walk around. At around 2:30PM, one guy approached me asking if I’m going to Huraa. I said yes. He said he was worried that the ferry already left because it’s almost 2:30PM and no sign of ferry. I told him that it will arrive at 3PM. He then said that Musthafa, the guesthouse owner told him that there is one guy from Singapore going to their place as well. I told him, “Oh, I’m from Singapore”, though I’m not sure if I’m not the only guest from Singapore. 😀

We chatted like where is he from. He said he is from Italy and he is with his wife and sister-in-law. They will also going to Singapore to stay for a night before going back to Italy.

The ferry at last arrives at 3:30PM. There is no sign that it will go to Huraa so you have to be alert of the ferries coming. Ask. Always ask. People don’t mind answering you. The only word you can see in the ferry is “Dhiravaasa 2” (correct me if I’m wrong, this is the word that registered in my mind when I saw the ferry). It leaves the jetty at 3:45PM and the fare is only MVR20 (USD1.30) for 1 hr and 30 mins but only half an hour by speedboat.

I sat beside the Turkish couple whom I met at the jetty and I just fall asleep. Yeah, I am a sleepy traveler if given a chance to take a nap, lol. Well, the wife was kind enough to woke me up to pay. The conductor will collect the fare when you are already at the middle of the ocean.





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