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After dropping off my things in my hotel in Hulhumale, we head directly to the port. Ferry from Hulhumale to Malé will leave every 15 minutes and travel time is also 15 minutes.

First, they tour me to Artificial Beach. I am not sure why they named it Artificial Beach. There’s nothing artificial in it. Only thing is that it is in the middle of the city and yet it is very clean and clear. You cannot wear a bikini in this area. Remember that Maldives is a Muslim country and bikini is prohibited in some area. You can only wear a bikini in a private resort.

Artificial Beach in the city of Maldives

Having fun with friends.

On the same road in Artificial Beach, walk further and you can see the Tsunami Monument. It was built in memory of 2004 tsunami in Maldives.

Tsunami monument

Tsunami Monument in Maldives

Along the road going to Tsunami Monument:

Maldivian loves playing football

Seaside between Artificial Beach and Tsunami Monument:


Maldives National Highway

The seaside by the road:


Local food tasting! Their snack consists of dried coconut, different variety of smoked fish, raw mango, peppercorn and I don’t know what else! But the taste, so damn good! It only costs MVR15 (USD1.00). They called it “Mas Kaashi”.

Mas Kaashi

Different flavour of glutinous rice. They called it “Bondi”, like Bondi Beach in Australia.

“Kurumba” or young coconut in Dhivehi (Maldivian language). It costs MVR15 (USD1). They don’t have cold, though. If you won’t tell the salesman not to put sugar, they will put sugar. If you don’t like sugar, tell them not to put before you will order.

We keep on walking, we saw a free food tasting and of course, we join them!

Beautiful Maldivian kids:

Olaf, Minion, and naughty Elmo!

After all the food tasting and having fun with the mascots, they want me to bring to Sultan Park. The sad thing was that there was a protest and the area was closed. The locals wants the previous President freed from jail. They hate the new President. But the good thing is that, this country doesn’t allowed to carry firearms. I was amazed by their protest because the protester have placards and the police were only watching them, but alert for the possible chaos.

These two ladies argued to the police to go in, haha. And man, we did!

Colourful building. I am not sure if this is a house.

The Holy Mosque:

Solid stone Mosque

Solid stone Mosque with carving

You cannot go inside the Mosque unless you are a Muslim or if not, you must obtain a permit.

Men wash their feet before they can go inside the Mosque.



Notice the shape of the tombstone, they have different shape. The pointed one are for men while the round-topped are for women.

cemetery in Maldives

Maldives Police Service building:

Maldives Monetary Authority building:

Maldives Monetary Authority Building

Grand Friday Mosque (taken on a Friday, literally).

Grand Friday Mosque

Grand Friday Mosque Maldives

After walking around and I am a bit tired, we bid goodbye with each other, they headed home and me to my hotel. I was exhausted but satisfied and thankful with them.

There are a lot of motorcycle in Malé and you don’t have to rent a car or take a taxi to go around. If you can see the map below, everything can be navigated by just walking.

List of maps:

Artificial Beach

Tsunami Monument

Hukuru Miskiy

Sultan Park

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