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Notes by yeyette on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 under Bintan
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I woke up at 6:30AM and heard the loud splash of the waves.  I went back to sleep in a few minutes but it felts hot inside the tent.  I peep from the tent window and saw the sun rising.  I got up, took my camera, and went out.  I noticed drops of rain on my tent but I didn’t heard that it rains.  I may be asleep or it’s just a mist, I want to know.



What I love in Bintan is the rising sun.  It was relaxing and refreshing.  I didn’t regret that I got up early and saw this magnificent beauty.






After a few minutes of walking, I head down for my free breakfast which was crepe-a-la-mak & coffee.  It consists of crepes (but looks like pan cake to me), two “señorita” (it’s a small banana which we fondly called in the Philippines, but in Spanish, señorita means unmarried woman), grind coconut, lime & cinnamon powder.  You have to mix it yourself but the taste for me was not fantastic.  Just okay, at least I had breakfast, and I chose that one anyway.  I didn’t brought my camera or phone, I leave it at the tent.  Leaving important things inside your tent is at your own risk.

After breakfast, I went back to my tent to put some, no, a lot of sunblock because it was very hot.  Then, I settle to the hammock near the beach and got a good read with my “Matchbox Twenty” on the background.



After I finished reading, I took out my journal and begin writing.  The good thing of traveling alone is you all have the time in the world.  The bad side?  It’s romantic and you see couple laughing in the beach.  But who cares?  I’m enjoying myself!

I was having my lunch when it rains but it wasn’t as heavy as yesterday.  I went to check my tent and there was a drops of water inside.  So this tent is not safe on heavy rains.  I just hope that it won’t rain heavily tonight.  I went to take a walk and saw this amazing art of sea creature (don’t know what).




They have a lot of activities as well, like kayaking, stand-up paddling, etc.




Mutiara Beach


I was done swimming, walking on my bikini when one of the male staff running towards me, waging the menu.  He asked if I want to order for a dinner, and I ordered Gado-Gado, Indonesia’s local food.  What I like with the staff of Mutiara Guesthouse is that they created respect to the guests.  The male staff didn’t look at my body as he approached me (oppsss.. I observed them and they do it to everybody, men & women), they look straight to your face.  Really a good service, though.

It didn’t rain at night and I noticed stars.  I wanted to shoot the milky way but I don’t know how to set my camera.  I set it to bulb but it isn’t working.  The remote was in a perfect condition  but I think it’s too dark that it cannot capture an image.  But how did photographers do it?  Have to ask my brother next time 🙂


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