Goodbye but Not Forever

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 under Huraa

I checked out at 7AM because I have to catch a ferry at 8AM going back to Malé. No, I am not going home yet. I’ve yet to do some adventure in another island that is a four hour ride from Malé. Musthafa meet us at 7:15 in the restaurant. They served us coffee. Oh I love their coffee. He was so kind not to let me pay the snorkeling lesson. He told me that Massimo from Italy became his friend and help him looking for customer by replying their emails. Musthafa cannot communicate well in English writing but is okay with the communication. Massimo help him in any way he can without asking anything from the guesthouse. That is a very kind gesture of friendship. For more information regarding the guesthouse, click here. You can also book their guesthouse via airbnb. If you are a first timer in airbnb, you can click the link and airbnb will give you a S$34 voucher to travel through my link. Massimo also make a website in Italian, Chinese and English. You can click it here. You can also like their facebook page. Do not hesitate to ask questions with them regarding the guesthouse. I received a reply every time I email and that is an excellent point of customer service.

Now, Musthafa has 12 guestrooms and counting. He also has a local restaurant. Due to his kindness, he received a lot of blessings.

The ferry will leave in Huraa at 8AM and arrived in Malé at 9:20AM. Me and the German couple bid goodbye to the three ladies and to Musthafa. We bid goodbye with the island but it won’t be forever.

A view to Musthafa’s Guesthouse:

Don’t say you won’t fall in love with this cute little guesthouse.

Beach Heaven Guesthouse

Musthafa’s Guesthouse

Inside the guesthouse

writing my journal

relaxing under the shade of the coconut tree

Getting in touch with the local.

The girls I’ve meet from Germany:





No, there was only one hammock. We all tried it and it was so relaxing. Nobody wants to stand up!

I highly recommend this island and guesthouse in Maldives. It’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful and won’t eat your wallet. Go and relax. Give sometime for yourself.




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  1. Beach Heaven Maldives

    I hope to see you soon again! You are always welcome 🙂

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