Hidden Beach in Sentosa That You Didn’t Know

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A lot of people in Singapore didn’t know that there is a beach hiding at Sentosa. I’ve been living in Singapore for seven years and I’ve only known it lately when I joined a meetup group in  Singapore.

Seashore is only passable during lowtide, happened in the afternoon and before the sun sets. I can’t remember exactly the place to stop over to go there but as far as I can remember, we took a ride to go to an end place and when we walk, the last stop was Shangrila. So, to remember everything, we will start at Shangri La. Go inside Shangrila where you can see the swimming pool and at the back of it, you can see the beach. You can start walking from there and follow the shore.

Bridge during lowtide.

Loose rock lying on a dead tree.

This is where it all started.

You can see the other part of Singapore, where the containers dock.

The group walking past the rocks.

An old rope

old rope

Keppel from afar.


These is how the sand looks like in the hidden beach.

Behind her is a small cave.

The water is up to the blacken color rock.


Deformed cements.

Small waves.

The cliff from below.

The small lighthouse.

It’s quiet a slippery in this area so you have to hold the rope.

Narrow pavement.

The broken chain.

You can see this signboard at the back of Shangrila.

And their beautiful green garden where you can buy flowers and herbs!

Shangrila’s seaside.

The group rests after a few minutes walk. It only takes 10 minutes walk if you are not taking photos.

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