Huraa, A Friendly Island in Maldives and Lost in Paradise

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Huraa is a local island located in North Malé, Kaafu Atoll. It is only 1 and a half hour by ferry and around 30mins by speedboat. It is in between Club Med and Four Seasons Hotel.

You can see this beautiful view along the way:

water bungalow Maldives

water bungalow

Below is the Four Seasons Hotel, in the left side of Huraa, while on the right side is Club Med.

Four Seasons Hotel Maldives

Four Seasons Maldives

In the first place, I wanted to stay a night in a water bungalow but it was damn expensive. One night was USD500+, and that was the cheapest one that I found for the month of March. Hotel rates will vary upon weather of a certain country. Four Seasons is not attached to Huraa island, it’s a separate island. The island on the left side is Huraa.

We docked in Huraa at 4:15PM. The Turkish lady asked me if we are already in Huraa. I told her “probably”. To be sure, I asked a local if we are already in Huraa and she said yes. I then told to the couple that we are really in Huraa.

When we are on land, I didn’t wait for the Italian guy and his family. I followed the Turkish couple because they are as excited as me. I heard them asked to a guy where is Musthafa’s guesthouse and he pointed the orange house just near the ferry terminal. I don’t want to follow these couple in the first place because I know that the Italian guy and I have the same guesthouse but when I heard these Turkish couple asking where is Musthafa’s guesthouse, I decided to follow them.

We were outside the guesthouse and a man named Musthafa welcomed us in. He welcomed us with cold water with lime and a wet-cold-face towel as well. It was refreshing. He talked to the Turkish couple first and checked their booking. When it was my turn, he asked where did I booked and I told him airbnb. He looked at me, confused, and said, “I think I never put my guesthouse in airbnb. I was shocked. I thought he was just joking but he looked so serious. I took out my booking confirmation and gave it to him. While he was checking the confirmation, I asked him, “Am I lost?” The Turkish couple sensed my panicked and they were laughing. Musthafa looked at me, grinning, and said, “Yes, you are lost.” He was kind enough to call Musthafa from Beach Heaven Maldives Guesthouse where I’d stay. It never occurred to me that Musthafa is a common name in Maldives.

After a few minutes a guy came in and talked to Musthafa. He then took my bag and Musthafa joked me that I have to get back to the airport. I leave a good laugh in that guesthouse.

Going to Beach Heaven Maldives Guesthouse with the staff pushing the wheel barrow with my bag on it. Yeah, you cannot see the bag because it was small. The two ladies are the locals from the island.

Just five minutes walk, we arrived at Beach Heaven Maldives Guesthouse and Musthafa talked to me over the phone from his staff that he will arrived in a few minutes. He was in another island sending some guests. The staff welcomed me a fresh coconut and two big water bottle.

I was surprised by the cleanliness of the room. It was spacious as well.

After settling in, I went out to check the island. Saw this beautiful view at the left side of the guesthouse. It was so peaceful. Only you cannot swim here with your bikini.

Hammocks are everywhere:

Houses that has red paints:

Then, I saw this one. Go out at the left corner of the guesthouse and walk further to your right. You will see the Four Seasons Resort.

Four Seasons Maldives

The sunset watchers: It is located just near the ferry terminal.

This is the guesthouse where I got lost:

One of the businesses around Huraa island:

Island Creation Hardware Huraa Builders

Musthafa arrived at 6:30PM. He told me that dinner will be served at 7PM. I booked the hotel at airbnb for only USD57 per night, full board, meaning, including 3 meals. I only paid USD127 with airbnb fee for 2 nights. 

I stayed in my room for a while. At around 9PM, I went out and brought my camera with me and I saw the full moon.

Fullmoon at Huraa island

It’s another day in paradise. I was so contented looking at the beautiful and peaceful area. I don’t know if I’m going to get scared because it was so dark but it was so beautiful. I didn’t let myself engulf in fear in the dark. I just stood there, watching the calm water and the beautiful sky.

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