Inle Lake: Where Serenity and Love Combined

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I woke up at 4:30AM getting ready when at 5:00AM, the rain pours down. Win Nyunt called the boatman and he said he is coming. Win Nyunt told me that I can choose to go without the sun or wait for the rain to stop whatever time it is. I told him I just wait.

At 6:30AM, the rain slowed down and I went with the boatman. His name is Colleen. We just walked from the guesthouse to the canal. Luckily, the rain stops when we arrived in the jetty.

Welcome to Inle.

A morning that is never broken. I felt so in love when I saw the peaceful surrounding.

After about 8 minutes, we saw 3 fishermen at the end of the canal and Colleen stopped the boat. They are those fishermen you normally saw in the pictures. They are not fishing, they are waiting for tourist to have their pose in exchange of money. I felt that the art of fishing traditionally was lost. That makes me a bit sad. Anyway, you give any amount or choose not too. But I still choose to give.

The good side is that they will demonstrate the way of Burmese traditional fishing.

A fisherman in Inle Lake

Three boats in action!

An empty seat:

Saw these men harvesting seaweed.

Resort in the middle of the lake. Nope, I won’t stay here. You always have to hire a boat to go to the land.

First stop. At first I really don’t want to stop but he said it’s okay. I don’t have to buy if I don’t want to. If you are going to buy, they have a commission. I just let him stop and let him decide where to go.

Silver jewelry processing. They are selling 90% silver jewelries.

Real silver bar:

silver bar

Inle market:

Free drinking water.

Let love keep alive. They both has the same color.

A smiling lady waiting for tourists to buy their goods.

Locals making fence.

Temple in the middle of the lake.

I love the feel of their floor. Shiny and clean.

Rubbing gold on the stone.

Cute Burmese kid.

And yes, they have a currency exchange bank here.


If you have a library in your place, please do visit. This community are very happy that they have this library for their kids.

We went this place where the water looks like a mirror.

Fishing net.

Building up a house.

Better go inside.

Lotus and silk weaving demonstration:

Lotus stalk

The making (raw).

Trying it for the first time.

Silk weaving.


Silk thread in different colors.

Processing the silk and lotus. Love the colors.

Drying the unprocessed products.

The finished products.

After buying some scarf, we head down to another place.

The boat maker.

They make the extra woods into something beautiful.

Then, a visit to local cigarette called Cheroot.

Cheroot making.

Burmese girl shows off how to smoke cheroot. I didn’t tried.

It was 11:30 and I felt hungry. I think Colleen was also hungry because he ask me if I’m hungry and I said yes. I told him to go to a restaurant that is not that expensive and he obliged.

He brought me to Ngwe Zin Yaw Restaurant.

I asked him to eat with me but he refused. I told to not to worry because I will pay. His food was served first and he said he is very hungry. I asked him to eat first and not to wait for me. Our food only cost 8,000Kyat (USD6.60) and the serve was huge that I cannot even finish it. We are eating the tea leaf and I like the taste of the tomato. It was crisp, sweet and very fresh. He noticed that I ate almost all of the tomato and he ask me if I like tomato. I said yes with a smile.

After we ate, he told me:

Colleen: I will bring you to tomato garden here in Inle lake.

Me: They have a plantation here in the lake?

Colleen: (Looking proud and smiling) Yes!

Me: (Still did not believe what I heard) Really? In the middle of the lake?

Colleen: (Still smiling) Yes.

Me: Okay, lets go!

Going to the plantation was like heaven on earth.

Lotus flowers.

I was amazed by the ingenuity of Myanmar people. Colleen stopped the boat to tell the story of the plantation. He said that the government gave a portion of the lake every family who live in Inle to do something. That was when the plantation was born. The soil was one to two meters deep. There were months where the water were so high that they cannot plant tomato so they planted chilli, cucumber and other vegetables that can survive in the water. Now a lot of family owned a plantation that Inle tomato plantation can cater all over Inle, Mandalay, Bagan and Yangon. He said that foreigner can harvest if we want with the family owner by canoeing. They harvest the tomato 3 or sometimes 4 times a year.

Our last stop was a 160 year old monastery. It was the oldest temple in Myanmar. It was so peaceful that we just sit for a while and just look at the beautiful surrounding.

Going back to my guesthouse and we saw these fishermen harvesting seaweed under the heat of the sun.


And then again.

I asked him how’s fishing and he showed me his catch for the day.

I guess he can earn more from the tourist than just fishing but I really hope that the traditional way of fishing won’t die.

And, I meet Colleen’s family! Adorable one.

The road going back to my guesthouse.

That’s Win Nyunt Guesthouse.

That’s my room!

Entrance of the guesthouse.


The view from Win Nyunt’s terrace.

I was already in the guesthouse at 3PM to pack all my things back to Yangon. Win Nyunt only charged me for 1 1/2 day. Lovely man.

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